Top 5 Reasons to Hire an 11 Plus Tutor and Guarantee Success to Grammar Schools

If you’ve been dreaming of sending your child to a grammar school, hiring a tutor may have crossed your mind. Your search history may be filled with 11 plus tutor near me and other related terms.

There are many compelling reasons to hire an 11 plus tutor for your child. Yes, it will cost you money, but it’s an investment worth risking. Compared to comprehensive schools, grammar schools are free. You can sleep well at night knowing your child gets premium education minus the steep costs

Here are the top five reasons why you must get an 11 plus tutor for your child.

  1. An 11 Plus Tutor is Familiar With the Content and Format of the Exams

Passing the grammar school exam demands great familiarity with exam. A pupil must focus on four core disciplines. These involved English, Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning, and Verbal-Reasoning.

11 plus tutors have the breadth of experience to know what to expect in the 11 plus exams. They can share personal experiences with past exams. They can also add deeper insights into each section of the test.

  1. Having an 11 Plus Tutor Gives Your Child an Edge

The 11 plus exams are difficult and competitive. This is why various tutors started offering their services. There are independent tutors and tutors from tutorial services companies.

Knowing how hard it is to pass the grammar school tests, you must give your child an advantage. Truth be told, most parents would be hiring tutors for their children. Your child may lag behind the competition without a dependable 11 plus tutor. So make sure to get a tutor that can help them succeed in the exams.

  1. Your Child Will Become More Confident With an 11 Plus Tutor

To overcome such a nerve-racking test, a pupil must have confidence and courage. Being brilliant won’t be enough in these exams. Your child must be confident to face the eleven plus exams on his or her own.

Most 11 plus tutors go beyond the scope of the exams. They also build the confidence that your child needs. Once the time comes to take the exam, tutors can also offer support and guidance.

  1. Pupils Learn Important Core Skills from 11 Plus Tutors

To master the four core disciplines of the 11 plus exams, a pupil must learn core skills. These include spelling, comprehension, mental maths, grammar, and more.

An 11 plus tutor can help transfer these important skills. You can also add 11 plus worksheets in the formula for better practice.

  1. An 11 Plus Tutor Can Help Point Out Learning Gaps and Weaknesses

It’s necessary to address your child’s weak areas. If they have a poor vocabulary, you must focus on developing their word skills.

However, these gaps don’t easily present themselves during the preparation period. But with a tutor by your side, you can see these learning gaps easier. Overcoming them will be better as well.

If you want to guarantee your child’s success in grammar schools, hiring an 11 plus tutor can help you. Many companies like KidSmart offer online tutorial services that can help your child. Make sure to check them out!

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