Top 5 Most Common Orthopedic Surgeries and Surgical Instruments

Bones are a very important part of our bodies. Without the skeleton, we would not be able to move from one place to another. Any harm to the bones in the form of infection, fracture, or deformity can cause major discomfort and pain. Therefore, every year, millions of people get medical treatment for bone-related problems. 

Orthopedics deals with the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Different surgical procedures are conducted to treat problems related to joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons. Orthopedic surgical instruments play an important role during the surgery in repairing, modifying, or holding bones. Today, we will discuss the most common orthopedic surgical procedures and instruments in detail. 

Common Orthopedic Surgeries

  • Knee Replacement Surgery

Knees help us in moving our legs in order to walk, run or jump from one place to another. They often get injured or fractured as a result of trauma, obesity, accident, or bursitis. Knee replacement surgery involves the replacement of the broken knee with an artificial one. Sometimes only a part of the knee is replaced. That is called partial knee replacement. 

  • Hip Replacement Surgery

The hip is another commonly replaced joints. It consists of a socket (acetabulum) and (ball) femoral head mechanism. With the passage of time, the hip’s cartilage can wear out. It is either fully replaced with an artificial joint or partially replaced in a procedure called Birmingham Hip Resurfacing. It can last for 20 to 30 years without causing any problem.  

  • ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery is done to replace the torn ACL with a healthy tendon from some other part of your body. ACL is located in a diagonal position in front of the knees. The patient can easily go back home a few hours after the surgery. However, special care, ice compressions, elevation, and rest are needed to completely heal. It takes at least a year to get back into sports for athletes. 

  • Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is done to gain a view of the surgical site. During this surgery, a camera is inserted inside the body through a small incision to see the problem. A screen shows all the images from inside the joint. It is mostly done before knee or shoulder replacement surgeries. 

  • Ankle Repair

After a fracture, the joint can get unstable after the fracture due to improperly aligned bones. Ankle Repair surgery is done to reposition the bones and restore them to their original position. Post-operative care is necessary. The patient usually has to wear a cast for some weeks to let the ankle bones heal perfectly. The patient may also require rehabilitation exercises afterward. 

Common Orthopedic Surgical Instruments

  • Retractors

Retractors are surgical tools used to retract bones, muscles, and tissues to get access to the surgical site. They are made from German forged stainless steel that makes them strong and rustproof. For example, Adson retractor, Finochietto rib spreader, Alm retractor, Bechman retractor, etc.

  • Bone Chisel

Orthopedic bone chisels are used to cut or reshape bones. Their sharp tips are excellent for carving into bones. They are used along with surgical mallets. Mallets are used to hit the back of the chisels to impart necessary force. For example, Alexander Chisels, Cottle Septum Chisel, Hajek Septum Chisels, D’Errico Lamina Chisel, etc. 

  • Bone Cutting Forceps

Bone Cutting forceps are orthopedic surgical instruments used to cut bones. They have a plier-like structure with a spring mechanism that creates much force with cutting bones. They are available in angled, straight, and curved designs to suit the needs of the surgeon. For example, Liston Bone Cutting Forceps, Ruskin Rowland Nasal Hump Forceps, Liston Blau Bone Cutting Forceps, etc.

  • Curettes

Curettes are used during surgical procedures to scrap or smoothen bones. They ensure an atraumatic scraping action. It comes with a long hollow handle that makes the instrument lightweight and easy to hold. The small oval spoon at the end of the curette helps in scooping out bone tissues. There are many different types of curettes. For example, Bone Curette, Brun Curette, Bushe Curettes, Caspar Curette, Cobb Curette, and Cone Ring Curette.

  • Rongeurs

Rongeurs have a plier-like structure. They are used to gouge out bones to create a window in order to reach the surgical site. They play an important role in neurosurgical procedures. It is ideal for creating a hole in the skull to reach the surgical site. They are available in multiple sizes and styles. They have many different types. For example: Echlin Rongeur, Leskell Stille Rongeur, Ortho Rongeur, Semb Rongeur, Beyer-Stille Rongeur, Hartman Rongeur, etc.

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