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Top 5 Hotel Interior Design Trends To Watch Out In 2021

Hospitality industry is changing with leaps and bounds. There was a time when hotels were seen as just a place to rest for a while. But today, resorts and hotels have become a destination where people love to spend time. Guests expect comfort, top-class amenities, and luxury more than anything, which creates new challenges for the hotel-owners. The good thing is, modern hotels have adapted to these rapid changes with innovative solutions. 

In this blog, we will discuss five striking interior design trends that will shape up the hotel industry. Whether you are a hotel owner or plan to visit abroad, below are the top trends that will rule the custom design and fit out company in 2021-

Rethink About Guestroom Configuration

People expect surprises in hotels. Perhaps, this is the reason why interior design in each hospitality industry is different. Unlike the past hotel systems that were time-consuming, there are advanced self-service applications to let the guests configure the tools easily.

Creative office designs for business travellers or extra sofa sets placed next to the bed are some of the ideas to turn the classic guest room into a trendy one. Also, there is an explosion in the color and eclectic decor mixes to appeal to the guests who want to have a unique experience during their stay.

More Focus On Sensory Experiences

Sensory experiences undeniably go a long way! Many modern hotel owners integrated this psychological principle in their services to provide the guests with an experience they will remember forever. One growing trend is to keep the indoor outdoor boundaries blurred. 

In addition, hotel rooms are expanded through terraces and greenery is brought inside in every way possible. Indoor waterfalls, lush green plants, wood panelling or flooring, etc. are some of the ingredients to create a stress-busting recipe for the guests.

More Color And Texture

When people are away from home, they have plenty of time to explore their senses. Perhaps, this is why hotel owners are embracing color, texture, and avoiding upsetting patterns. They focus on providing the guests with something that would result in a memorable experience. 

Adding some bright colors to liven up the space will create a soothing atmosphere. Want more ideas? Talk to the expert interior designers at a reputed fit out company.

Personalized Spaces

The time people spend in a hotel will become a treasured memory for the guests, especially if their accommodation experience is good. Thus, the next top interior design trend that you will see in hotels is personalized spaces.

Modular hotels or pop-up hotels are some of the new things that are gaining spotlight. Planning a guest room based on a theme is another great way to provide them with a lifelong memory. This trend is even more useful when the guests are planning to stay in a hotel for some occasion, like birthdays, anniversary, etc.

Smart Hotel Rooms

Most people plan a trip to disconnect from technology. Still, hotels try to keep their guests connected with hi-tech in other ways. For example, when it comes to business tourism, a tech-friendly guestroom encourages better workflow.

Besides, hotels also allow their guests to adjust lighting, window blinds, or HVAC system via their smartphones. Another evolving trend in hotel interior design is placing the PC tablets at check-in points in order to print the boarding passes. This way, guests can also ensure if other self-service processes require online connection.

Comfort Is The Topmost Priority

Hotel guests look for comfort more than anything. And, that feeling of home away from home will make them feel relaxed. Even if a guestroom is luxurious and tech-friendly, it is crucial to think about making the space cozier. You can add wood decor items, a fireplace, TV set, curtains, carpets, and many other things to make them feel as if they are at home. Apart from this, you can also think about adding your guests’ favorite music. All this will make their stay memorable.

These are some of the top interior design trends you will see in the hotel industry in 2021. If you are a hotel owner, you should start looking for a good commercial interior designer and know if these additions will be worth it.

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