Top 3 Roulette Strategies for Online Casino: A Learning Guide

Roulette is one of the most eminent games of casinos gaining popularity day by day, the gaming techniques and the game dynamics make it more interesting and exciting for the players. Roulette is a completely open game facilitating no traditional sides with equal bets on part of players.

There are various strategies Roulette players must look at if he/she wants to excel in the game. One can easily play roulette without the fear of losing all the money. You just need to learn the tactics for overpowering the game. Read along to follow various roulette strategies to spin the wheel and make sure you win.

3 Roulette Strategies for Mastering Online Casino

1. Martingale Betting System

The Martingale strategy originated in France and is one of the simplest strategies designed for a game. The martingale betting system highlights that whenever a player loses in the game, they basically double the bet. The theory associated with this is that when a player eventually wins, he/she recovers the money they previously have lost in the game with a small profit. In this strategy, it is really important to bet only on even-numbered wagers like red/black, or for odd/even, or numbers like 0-18/19-36.

An example of martingale strategy:

If you bet $5 on red, and you lose, you have a profit of negative 5. If you bet $10 on red, and you lose, you have a profit of negative 10. Now, when you bet $20 on red, and you win $20 at a payout ratio of 1:1 + $20 returned (bet amount). Overall gain: $5

2.Labouchere Betting System

The Labouchère system also called the cancellation system, specifies its focus, before the game, on how much money they have to win. It increases the player’s stake in the following losing bet. The player decides on setting a random goal of the amount they wish to win, divides it into smaller series of numbers, and finally adds them to that goal. At the next step, the player adds the numbers together at the extreme left and extreme right of the respective sequence to conclude the initial bet.

3  Andrucci Betting System

The Andrucci system is based on the reasoning of each number that ought to be covered by the spinning wheel. You have to start by taking note of the numbers that are highlighted in the 30-35 spin cycle. The next step is to select a number where you think the ball will land on and will stay for the next 15-20 spins, till you finally win. This system draws its principles from Physics.

Final Verdict

The decision of your roulette strategy will comprehensively depend on your gaming style. Some of these strategies are aggressive and you will need to exert your bankroll consecutively. Some other strategies can be considered comparatively safer and necessitate betting conservatively,  for compact prizes. So, before you start with your game, it is essential to know the guidelines of roulette and understand that casinos will always have an upper edge in online gaming, regardless of any strategy you opt for.

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