Top 10 Trusted Affiliate Programs Malaysia

A few decades ago, firms spent thousands of dollars a year on billboards, radio and television commercials as well as printed advertisements. Advertising has helped many companies achieve success, but it is tough for firms to stand out and create a large amount of income merely relying on commercials to succeed. It’s possible that today’s commercials (aka conventional advertisements) are less effective and outmoded because of this.

What Is an Affiliate Marketing Programme?

As one of the first forms of digital marketing, affiliate marketing pays you when someone clicks on one of your links to a company’s website and makes a purchase as a result. Amazon must be familiar to you, don’t you think? In the United States, Amazon is the most popular and high paying affiliate program.

Malaysians are increasingly turning to affiliate marketing as a means of making money online, and the method is gaining in popularity. Affiliate marketing may satisfy your financial demands whether you’re a full-time mother or housewife or a university student trying to generate some passive cash.

#1. Microsoft Program for Affiliates

One of Malaysia’s most popular affiliate programmes is Microsoft’s, which is a significant technology corporation.

To Whom Does Microsoft Market Itself?

Microsoft aims to reach almost everyone in the market who is interested in technology or the Internet, whether they are individuals, teams, or companies.

Commissions For Microsoft Affiliates

commissions range from 5% to 20% on each transaction

It is simple to market a wide variety of Microsoft’s technology-related goods because of the company’s widespread use of Windows, Microsoft Office, Games, and many more.

#2. Shopee Program for Affiliates

Among Malaysian consumers, Shopee is the most popular B2C e-commerce site. When you use Shopee, you have the opportunity to make money by promoting various items. Online buying has never been easier thanks to this service.

Shopee’s Ideal Client

Those who have access to the internet in Malaysia. You may shop for anything from household goods and food to office supplies and toys on Shopee’s vast variety of product categories.

Affiliate Commissions for Shopee

Depending on the product category, the commission fee might range from 2.1 percent to 7 percent.

Shopee is regarded as one of the simplest Malaysian affiliate programmes to market. Affiliates may market Shopee on a cost-per-sale basis and earn large fees for each successful transaction, both locally and internationally.

#3. Canva Program for Affiliates

Canva is the graphic design application that has the most number of users worldwide. Users may use it to generate social media graphics, infographics, and more. Free Canva templates may be used to make eye-catching advertising posters and banners.

Its mobile app has garnered a lot of positive feedback, to the point that it has been selected as an Editor’s Choice app in the Google Play store. In addition, Canva was successful in 2019 in acquiring Pixabat and Pexels, two of the most prominent free picture markets.

Clientele Selected by Canva

Canva caters to a wide spectrum of users, from those who are just starting out in design to those who are well-known in the field. The free edition offers a sufficient number of creative tools, while the paid version offers many more.

Commissions for Canva Affiliates

For each new Canva Pro subscription, you’ll earn $36 (RM 149) in commission.

Canva’s primary selling points are its ease of promotion and the large commission it offers. As a result, it is Malaysia’s most popular affiliate programme. Nevertheless, joining this affiliate programme is a difficult task. In order to meet Canva’s strict criteria, they prefer to hunt for high-traffic design-related blogs or influencers.

There’s plenty of incentive to get started if you’re passionate about design and want to make it a side business.

#4. BK8 Program for Affiliates

BK8 is Asia’s largest online casino and gambling platform. For the benefit of Malaysian players looking to enjoy online gambling at ease, the firm has specialised in delivering world-class online gambling choices to all players with attractive games and bonuses.

In Malaysia, BK8 offers one of the most lucrative affiliate schemes.

BK8’s Ideal Clientele

Regular and luxurious players in Malaysia are the primary focus of BK8. BK8 has a significant portion of the online gambling industry, which is serving thousands of players all around the world every day.

Affiliate commissions from BK8

Amount of the commission: Range from 12% to 45%

In terms of online gambling, they’ve got it all: from sports betting to online slots to live casino games such as baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Priority assistance for your BK8 account and free BK8 material to advertise to your audience are both available to you as an BK8 affiliate. They are undoubtedly the Top Malaysia Affiliate Program you can find.

#5. Grab Program for Affiliates

In our opinion, most Malaysians are aware with Grab (formerly known as GrabTaxi), a transportation service comparable to Uber. You may use the Grab app to arrange a ride and get to your location. In addition, Grab has a referral programme that allows consumers to earn incentives by referring drivers and delivery partners to the company.

The Intended Audience

Grab is for everyone who needs a ride, but it’s particularly useful for folks who don’t have their own vehicle or are concerned about parking. Those who desire their favourite foods might also benefit from the app’s features.

Affiliate Commissions by Grab

RM 150 for each driver of a grab automobile; RM 100 for each driver of a grab Food delivery.

New partners must make 20 visits within 60 days after activation to meet the requirement.

Because it’s so simple to sign up, Grab is one of the most popular affiliate programmes in Malaysia. You may earn RM 150 and RM 100 for each person you mention who registers as a Grab vehicle driver or a Grab Food delivery driver, respectively.

In order to get your referral incentive, the person you suggest must complete 20 trips within 60 days of activation.

#6. Lazada Program for Affiliates

Similarly, to Shopee, Lazada offers the same services to both vendors and shoppers in the online buying industry. Despite Shopee’s dominance in Malaysia’s online retail business, Lazada has steadily risen and expanded significantly in recent years.

Lazada Target Audience

Those who have access to the internet in Malaysia. You can shop for anything from household goods and food to office supplies and fashion on Lazada.

Affiliate Commissions from Lazada

Commissions range from 2.5% to 14%, depending on the kind of goods sold.

It’s important to continue and employ efficient marketing methods even if the rates aren’t as competitive as in other Malaysian affiliate programmes.

#7. Amazon Associates Program for Affiliates

Shopee and Lazada are two of the most well-known online shopping platforms in Asia. Amazon is the most recognisable and well-known brand in the world when it comes to online retailing and eCommerce. The Amazon affiliate programme is another name for Amazon Associates.

Online Retailer Amazon’s Target Demographic

Because of the broad variety of items available on the Amazon eCommerce platform, a wide spectrum of customers may be catered to. As an affiliate, you may only advertise items via your website’s affiliate links if you have the necessary content, expertise, or experience to do so.

Commissions From the Amazon Associate Program

Depending on the product category, commissions range from 1 percent to 10 percent each sale.

Because there is such a wide variety of products available on Amazon, the commissions may vary quite a little. There are 13 separate product categories on Amazon, each with a different percentage of the sale going to Amazon. There is a deduction made from the total sale equal to a certain percentage.

A 10 percent fee is the highest in the Amazon product category if you want to market high-end cosmetic goods on Amazon.

#8. Shopify Program for Affiliates

The fact that Shopify has more than 500,000 shops throughout the globe shows that the drop shipping industry’s market leader. Shopify offers a website builder, shopping cart, web hosting and administrative tools, analytics, payment processing, and other capabilities that may be used in the opening of an online store.

Shopify’s affiliate programme may be a good match for you if your target audience is interested in eCommerce and requires assistance setting up an online business.

Shopify’s Ideal Clientele

To be successful, you’ll need to find a niche market of internet retailers without their own e-commerce platform. Sellers on Facebook, Shopee, etc. are included.

Commissions for Shopify Affiliates

Compensation varies according to the merchant’s user plan, from as little as $58 (RM 242) to as much as $2,000 (RM 8,329)

the monthly membership charge of any of the merchant’s main plans (Basic, Shopify, Advanced) is comparable to $2,000; the Shopify Plus subscription is equivalent to $200. (RM 8,329).

It’s entirely free to join the programme. Additionally, as an affiliate for the Shopify platform, your business will get priority customer service, as well as free Shopify material that you can share with your audience.

#9. EasyStore Program for Affiliates

EasyStore is the premier Malaysian eCommerce web development company. Over 40,000 people have purchased from the company’s name. EasyStore is a great tool for promoting the growth of your website’s online presence.

EasyStore’s Customers

Sellers without their own eCommerce platform are the primary demographic for BigCommerce, just as they are for Shopify.

Affiliate Commissions from EasyStore

20% of each sale is yours to keep.

EasyStore is a platform that is user-friendly for people who operate small businesses and allows them to create and sell products online. If you make a sale via EasyStore and it’s a recurring commission, you’ll be paid every month!

Final Words

So here you go! Above is a list of the Top 10 trusted affiliate programs Malaysia that you may join. These programmes include simple promotion and big commission payouts. Keep an eye out for even more riveting content!

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