Tongkat Ali: Is It Really The Best Aphrodisiac Supplement?

Have you ever wondered how to increase testosterone naturally? This male hormone, related to sexual desire and potency, generates many questions and concerns among men (and some women). Is it possible that a supplement like Tongkat Ali could improve testosterone levels?

Tongkat Ali is a plant from Southeast Asia that has been used for hundreds of years to treat both male and female lack of desire. Invigorating and enhancing properties of fertility in men have also been attributed to it. Learn how long before tongkat ali starts to work? But what is the truth? If you want to find out if Tongkat Ali is a really effective supplement, read on!

The most important

Tongkat Ali is a plant from Southeast Asia that is credited with the ability to increase testosterone and improve sexual potency.

Unfortunately, there are no human studies yet to substantiate these effects of Tongkat Ali. For this reason, it is very difficult to find supplements for this plant. Some alternatives to Tongkat Ali are ginger, Ashwagandha, citrulline, royal jelly, and zinc. Always use them under medical supervision.

Alternatives to Tongkat Ali: The Best Supplements for Desire

Today, experts are working day and night to create safe, effective, and reliable Tongkat Ali supplements. Until that moment arrives, why not give natural alternatives to Malaysian ginseng a try? Do not lose sight of the following supplements to enhance your sensuality and improve your sexuality, they will surprise you!

About Tongkat Ali

Eurycoma longifolia, better known as Malay Ginseng or Tongkat Ali, is a traditional aphrodisiac. Recently, supplements from this plant have become popular because, according to its proponents, they are a remedy for impotence and lack of desire. But what does science say about that claim?

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali holds priceless secrets. And it is that this plant, native to Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, contains numerous compounds with antidiabetic, antimicrobial, and aphrodisiac properties. 

Thus, we can find “bioactive” substances such as terpenes, glycosaponins, and neuropeptides ( 1 ).

Currently, these molecules are being studied by experts, who are trying to take advantage of their properties to create supplements that improve our quality of life. Undoubtedly, one of the possible effects of this ” Malaysian ginseng ” that most interests the public is its supposed ability to raise testosterone levels and with them, desire and sexual potency.

What does science say about the effects of Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali has been used as a traditional herbal remedy in Southeast Asia to treat male impotence, fatigue, and even some infections. But are these supposed tongkat ali benefits in real?

To find out if it is true that Malaysian ginseng can improve sexual health, strength, and mood, among others, we have reviewed the most up-to-date literature on this plant. Next, we will show you the whole truth about the six most acclaimed supposed effects of Tongkat Ali. Myth or Reality? Don’t miss the surprising answer!

  1. Aphrodisiac effects

According to its proponents, Tongkat supplements can help us have a better sex life, regardless of whether we are men or women. And it is that this plant could have a supposed aphrodisiac effect that would increase our desire.

But what does the science say? It has been observed that certain proteins in Malaysian ginseng can influence the sexual behavior of animals. Furthermore, neuropeptides increase testosterone production in certain experiments with rats ( 2 ). All this seems to create an aphrodisiac effect.

However, before we can extrapolate these results to humans, we need studies with volunteers to find out if these aphrodisiac effects also appear in men and/or women. In short, Tongkat Ali shows great potential as an aphrodisiac ( 3, 4 ), but we need more studies before we can be sure of its effectiveness in humans.

  1. Increased virility

Can Malaysian Ginseng Fight Male Erectile Dysfunction? Its proponents think so, and for that reason, you may see this herb advertised as a “sexual stimulant” or virilizing remedy.

If we look at the latest scientific studies, we will see that in experimental animals (rats and rabbits), Tongkat Ali is capable of increasing the frequency and quality of erections ( 4 ). However, we need human studies before we can be sure that this effect also occurs in man.

Also, Eurycoma longifolia appears to be able to increase sperm production in laboratory animals, thus improving fertility. Once again, we await experiments in human volunteers that show that this benefit also appears in humans. If new studies appear, we will be the first to tell you about them!

  1. Antimicrobial power

Can Tongkat Ali Fight Infections? Surprisingly, various studies have found that extracts from this plant can destroy bacteria, fungi, and parasites ( 5 ). How much potential!

However, more studies are needed before Malaysian ginseng can be used as an antibiotic. Do not use the supplements of this plant to cure, treat or prevent any infection and go to your nearest health center if you think you have any type of disease caused by microorganisms.

  1. Anti-aging effect

Eurycoma has been shown to be able to maintain bone mass (bone density) and enhance muscle development in aged mice. In addition, among the compounds of this plant, we find a high content of polyphenols, molecules that naturally fight against oxidation that causes premature aging ( 3 ).

For that reason, Tongkat might have some anti-aging effects. However, we need studies to refute or corroborate this hypothesis in humans before we can use Malaysian ginseng as an antiaging remedy.

  1. Anxiolytic capacity

Do you suffer from anxiety? In that case, “keep an eye on” Tongkat Ali. Supplements of this plant have been shown to reduce anxiety in rats ( 6 ). In addition, it is believed that this anxiolytic effect could also help reduce the “anticipatory anxiety” that some men feel before sexual encounters and that can cause erectile dysfunction.

Unfortunately, there are very few studies exploring the anti-anxiety potential of Malaysian ginseng. Therefore, we must wait until new experiments allow us to better understand the incredible potential of the Asian plant.

  1. Metabolism activator

Many people also credit Tongkat Ali with anti-diabetic, “fat-burning” and “weight loss” properties. What is true in these statements?

  • In studies with mice, Eurycoma improves pancreatic function and helps lower blood sugar levels ( 7 ).
  • The anti-stress effect of Malaysian ginseng was shown to be able to “balance metabolism” and hormonal balance in a small experiment ( 6 ). A balanced metabolism can make it easier to lose weight.
  • By improving response to exercise, Tongkat Ali may enhance fat loss, according to one study ( 8 ).
  • However, these findings and hypotheses need to be confirmed with larger and more valid studies. Perhaps in the future, Tongkat Ali can prove its effectiveness for weight loss!

What is the recommended dose of Tongkat Ali?

Today, Eurycoma continues to be studied by experts. For this reason, the most effective dose of this plant extract is not known exactly.

Supplement manufacturers use doses ranging from 25 to 400 mg of best tongkat ali supplement extract. It can be taken every day or once every few days, depending on the dose and the concentration of bioactive molecules in each supplement ( 9 ).

For your safety, we advise you to use each Malayan ginseng supplement according to the manufacturer’s instructions and to consult a doctor before beginning supplementation with this plant.

Does Tongkat Ali have any side effects?

  • Unfortunately, Tongkat Ali is not without its side effects. If we use the supplements of this plant, in some cases we could suffer:
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability

These adverse effects will be more likely the higher the dose of Malaysian ginseng that we consume. Additionally, taking large amounts of Tongkat (1,200 mg/day or more) has been shown to cause liver damage ( 9 ) . Never exceed the recommended dose!

Is Tongkat Ali contraindicated in any case?

Yes. Do not use this supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. In addition, Tongkat should not be used by people with serious chronic diseases (diabetes, heart problems, kidney disease, or liver disease, among others).

In addition, it has been seen that this plant can affect the functioning of certain medications, such as propranolol (a drug that regulates heart rate). If you take medications chronically, do not use supplements from this plant without first consulting your doctor.

Tongkat Ali Supplements: An Undiscovered Market

Tongkat Ali supplements are beginning to enjoy great popularity in the online and physical market. However, much remains to be discovered about these items. Next, we will talk a little about supplements with Malayan ginseng extract and other alternatives for these articles. Do not miss it!

What types of Tongkat Ali supplements are there?

Malaysian ginseng extract can be taken in different ways, so you can find different preparations in the physical market or online :

  • Infusions: The extract of the Asian plant will give rise to an infusion with a rather bitter taste. You can mix it with a little maple syrup or stevia to improve its flavor.
  • Capsules or tablets: This is the “standard” way to take Tongkat Ali. Its encapsulated format makes it easier to control the dose we ingest to avoid an accidental overdose.
  • Powder: People who prefer to avoid unnecessary colors and preservatives in their Tongkat Ali supplement can skip the capsules and take the powdered extract of this plant directly.

There are also drinks and soft drinks that include Tongkat Ali among their ingredients, although they are not very popular in our country. Also, remember to consult a doctor before starting to supplement with Tongkat in any of its forms.

Why is it so difficult to find Malaysian ginseng supplements?

If you look for tongkat ali reviews in your nearest supermarket, you will be in for a big disappointment! Unfortunately, Eurycoma extract is still not as well known as maca or arginine. For that reason, it is not sold on a large scale in the physical market or online. You must be patient!

How do I know if my supplement is safe?

Have you found a Tongkat Ali supplement? In that case, be careful! Choose products from a known manufacturer (with directions on how to contact them on the packaging). Also, look for quality certificates (preferably from the European Union). And discard all those products that do not have instructions in Spanish. Remember, your health comes first.


It is normal for our testosterone levels to drop over time, just as it is normal for stress and fatigue to prevent us from always being “the best lovers”. If you want to be “the same as before”, first of all, consult your doctor and solve any health problem that is affecting your sexuality!

Afterward, you can try some supplements that will restore your vigor and libido. For example, you can try citrulline, ginger, or royal jelly supplements. And furthermore, in the very near future, you will be able to enjoy the aphrodisiac potential of Tongkat Ali. It’s only a matter of time before nutritional supplements appear that concentrate the power of Malaysian ginseng!

If thanks to this article you have discovered Tongkat Ali, please leave a comment and share it on your social networks. You will help us a lot!

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