Toddler shoes – ways to make the right choice

Toddler shoes serve more than a fashionable purpose. Proper posture supports the toddler’s growing feet and may prevent future foot problems. Sometimes, parents have a hard time determining how much the shoe really fits their child. Knowing what or how to match and what to look for in first step shoes, makes the buying process easier.

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Therefore, in the next article, we will explain what are the important things to look for when buying pre-walking shoes or first step shoes so that you can choose the best shoes for your child.

Toddler shoes – time frame

The best time to shop for toddler shoes is during the day. It gives your child a chance to run around and play. The legs swell naturally during the day, especially with activity. By shopping in the afternoon or evening when the child’s foot is larger, you ensure that the shoe will not be tight so that it is comfortable all day. Do not forget a pair of socks to make sure the shoes also fit with socks.

Toddler shoes – size

Toddlers grow up fast. Yes, even in the legs. Your child may stay in one size for several months and suddenly, without any prior notice, grow up as if he is the green giant and you will have to buy him new shoes every month. Measure your child’s feet every time you buy new shoes, even if it has not been long since the last time you bought shoes. This guarantees you peace of mind and the right choice of shoe size.

Toddler shoes – types

Toddler shoes cover a wide range of styles and types. There are pre-walking shoes that are the baby’s first shoes, there are first step shoes that are the child’s first serious shoes and so on. In addition, there are also different types of soles, price ranges, company type and general type of shoe.

Shoes with soft soles, for example, offer the foot more flexibility but may cause slipping if they do not have anti-slip properties. A harder sole provides more stability and traction. Sandals, leaving the toddler’s toes exposed, which can cause injury or tripping. A tight sandal is more suitable for hot days. Sneakers are usually a practical choice in all seasons. Boots are also an option, but they may limit the foot more than sneakers. Price is often a topic of discussion in toddler shoes – expensive does not always mean better. How the shoe fits is more important than how much you pay.

Toddler shoes – matching

When talking about fit, shoe length is just one consideration with fit. A wide shoe is more compatible with most toddlers’ feet because they tend to be wide at this stage of their lives. The most suitable shoe leaves about the width of the toes between the tip of the toddler’s toe and the tip of the shoe. Too much space beyond the toe, increases the chance of tripping and less space restricts the foot and its movement.

You can also check the fit of a shoe by inserting your toe into the space between the heel of the foot and the back of the shoe. You should be able to insert the top of your little finger to make sure the shoe fits the foot. It is very important to let your child measure both shoes to make sure they fit properly and let them walk around the store for at least a few minutes before you decide to buy one pair or another.

Toddler shoes – considerations

Pre-walking shoes and first step shoes should fit in terms of comfort from the beginning and not wait for the feet to get used to them. The child’s shoes and feet help you determine when a new pair is needed. If you notice red marks on a child’s foot after taking off his shoes, they are probably too tight or inappropriate. In addition, an uneven fit in the shoe sole area can indicate that the shoe is not sitting properly on the child’s foot and there may also be some problem with the child’s foot that needs a special shoe to repair it.

Note that you go through all the sections when you go to buy first step shoes. It is very important that the shoe fits your child’s foot and not what looks beautiful or fashionable to you. Measure both shoes for them and notice that they sit comfortably.

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