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Tips on how to maintain your vacuum cleaner

Do you want your vacuum cleaner all neat and clean and ticking for a long time? If so then you have come to the right place. You spent a lot of money on this thing and it shouldn’t go to waste so soon that is why maintenance is extremely important. Just like any other piece of technology or equipment your vacuum cleaner needs consistent repair and maintenance. Look out for early signs such as excessive noise among the rotating motor and whatnot and you will be able to draw a proper schedule using which you will tend to its maintenance.     

The cordless vacuum cleaners might require a lot of maintenance as compared to the robot vacuum cleaners because these have to work a lot and maintenance would come at a specific interval too. Consider using Riccar R25D for this. If you are interested in the remaining artifacts and want to take things to a next level then the following are some of the tips that you should be interested in.

The next thing on your list should be checking the wear and tear on the belt as excessive usage can damage the belt of handheld and car vacuums. If this happens to be the case then you are required to get it properly cleaned and if it still doesn’t work then it is time for a replacement. 

The final thing to check is to make sure that it hasn’t slipped off at all and if it has then you should put it back into its original place.       

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  • Empty the dirtbags consistently

You need to clean dirt from the dirtbags on regular basis, consider doing it at the end of the vacuum shift when it has done its daily job. On the other hand, you can also cook yourself a schedule to follow when it comes to emptying the bag and removing dirt because this way you will be able to tend to this task without forgetting about it. 

If some heavy-duty cleaning has been done then make sure that you empty the dirt from the bag after that dedicated shift. It will prevent the dirt from moving towards the other parts and then clogging these up, it will simply leave your machine worthless and without any function whatsoever. This way the tiny particles of dirt won’t be able to be released back into the air when you are busy using this device. This is the step that can make a huge difference in increasing the longevity of your device so make sure that you tend to it regularly. 

  • Removing all dust and dirt

It will depend on your usage or the amount of dirt that has been hoovered on your end. What you should do is to take the vacuum cleaner outside and fully clean it out, pat it at various ends and corners to make sure that all the dirt falls out of it. It will help your rollers stay clean from any dirt and debris that might be sticking with them. It is an important step especially if you have pets because their hair can stick with the surface of the rollers and can cause some serious damage in the long run.

If you skip this step and don’t tend to it professionally then the rollers will become so sticky and stiff that you won’t be able to extract any type of movement from these and eventually would have to change the whole assembly.

  • Cleaning and replacing the filters

The number of filters within a vacuum machine depends on how recent or updated the machine itself is. This could be different for every brand or vacuum model out there, usually, there is a filter among the central location but you will have to verify the location of your filter from your owner’s manual guide.

There is nothing more important that can hinder the performance of your vacuum cleaner especially when it becomes clogged that is why it is important that you keep on checking on one of the filters. It is usually recommended that you clean it out every fourth time and in case if you are likely to lose sight of this thing then you should make a schedule and then try to stick with it as long as possible. Take the filters outside and try to clean as much dust as you can and even on the first try you will be able to dislodge a lot of dust. It will also help you to extend the useful life of each and every filter. 

  • Checking the vacuum cleaner brush

While you are checking the rollers on your vacuum cleaner make sure that you also check the brush mechanism. Take a stiff-bristled brush that you can find and fit it gently into the mouth of that machine, now try to scrape off as much dirt as you can, chances are that other stuck bits and pieces will come out too. 

It will improve the overall cleaning ability of your vacuum cleaner, if the brushes get a little too clogged then these will eventually become less effective overall and will severely hinder the performance. Too much hair and gunk will make your machine less effective and often useless in some intricate scenarios. 

This shouldn’t be done every time you are going to clean some dust or dirt but should be done every fourth time so it is important that you make a schedule and then try to stick with it as long as you can. 

  • Inspecting the belt

If you want to make sure that your brush is rolling and it will continue to do so next then it is important that you consistently inspect the vacuum cleaner belt. It will also keep your brush in proper position making sure that it doesn’t skid off to any of the far ends and thus interrupting the cleaning action either partially or permanently. The first thing to do is to make sure that the belt sits flush against the brush roll and if it has started to become loose or has lost its original integrity then it is time to get a replacement.

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