Tips for Making Money From Home – It’s in the Cards

When you give a present, the first thing your recipient reaches for is the card on the package. If you go to a birthday or other type of party, you will probably pick up a gift or card so you don’t show up empty-handed. Despite the popularity of digital greeting cards, the tried-and-true paper version still has a strong presence in today’s world. For those of you with creative skills, here are a few tips for making and selling cards from home that will open up the possibility of making money from your kitchen table.

The First Folds

The first part of your project for making money from home is writing out a plan of what you want to achieve and a path to get there. It is important to start with an idea of how you want to market what you make, who you are targeting and how you will get your merchandise to your customers. Working out a budget for supplies and promotional costs should be part of this original plan so you have a clear idea of what finances you can work with. Shipping API deals can help keep delivery costs down, because you need an economical system that is easy for online customers to use. Brainstorming card design is key to the creative process and should be practiced daily to keep the imagination moving.

Making the Cuts

Now is the time to have fun doing what you do best and making original artwork that can be sold for others to share. There are a variety of types of cards you can make, such as window cards, scrapbook cards, pop-ups or your own uniquely layered cards. One dynamic aspect of designing cards is that there is no end to the type of occasion you can create for. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays and special milestones all lend themselves to meaningful messages and amazing images. You have the freedom to choose what type of creator you want to be and can specialize in whatever fits your style and taste. Branding yourself as the funny birthday card designer has the advantage of being an evergreen niche, but there are benefits to offering a variety of occasions for people to shop for. Working for yourself also includes the possibility of expanding your inventory whenever and however you want to.

Some Embellishments

The greeting card industry is competitive and to build a business in this market you need to research where your target audience shops, have long-term goals that are based on what you know you can produce and fashion a style that is all your own. Extra effort in all these areas will give you an edge right from the beginning. Don’t be afraid to get feedback from trusted and respected peers before you launch. Once you are ready, reach out to stores in your area and ask them to partner with you to feature your work. Putting extra touches on your displays is a great way to begin relationships with retailers near you. You could mirror some of your style and embellishments from your cards on the setup you create to sell them in. An active online presence is important to reach as many customers as possible and is easier to maintain from the comfort of your home.

Think of the last time you received a card and how it made you feel. If it was particularly pretty, funny or clever you might still remember what it said or what it looked like. A strong piece of art, no matter what the occasion, is valuable to share with others and can make any ordinary day special. If you have this type of talent and are looking for a way to make money from home, designing and selling cards can be a worthwhile outlet for you to express your creativity and get paid for it. Planning, marketing, and imagination are all it takes to turn your home into your business.

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