Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Water Park Vacation

There are a lot of different vacation spots, but one place not to skip is the local water park. Fly down slides, float down the lazy river, rest in a chair, and enjoy memorable moments. Even better, you can do all these things in the sweltering heat, cooling off in the water.

The parks, as wonderful as they can be, may feel overwhelming when you first enter. Without a plan, you may wander about the grounds, losing precious time you could spend on the rides. Before you venture through the gates, take time to plan, getting the most from the experience. Use the following tips to make the most of your stay.

1. Protect Yourself from the Sun

Sunny days are great for the water park, giving you plenty of opportunities to explore and try new activities. However, that gorgeous weather also means the potential for sunburns. The longer you stay out unprotected, the more likely you will feel uncomfortable later in the day.

Don’t cut your fun short. Nothing is worse than missing slides because you have burnt shoulders and cheeks. Protect yourself from the painful, blistering red skin. Gather sun supplies. Pack a reliable, broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion that defends against both UVA and UVB rays. Apply it throughout your stay. Look at the clock, and note when you put it on, avoiding delays. In addition, bring a hat and sun shirt as well. Keep them on when you have downtime.

2. Give Yourself a Place To Rest

While you may want to go nonstop, that’s not the best action plan. You are likely to lose steam early, cutting your time short. Instead, pace yourself and allow for breaks. Rent a cabana. Yes, it costs more but gives you a fixed place to relax and cool off, providing some comforting shade.

3. Get a Locker

When you’re halfway up a slide, feel assured your wallet and phone remain safely tucked away. Lockers deliver defense from others and supply a welcome peace of mind. Get one. Keep purses and other valuables in there for the day. Stash the key in a pocket in a beach bag, and tell someone else at your party where it is.

4. Know Height Restrictions

If you’re headed out with kids, know what they can do ahead of time. Little ones can get excited about the thrills; however, safety requirements may prohibit them from enjoying the slide. Research the park’s activities and talk with children about what they can and cannot do before they go, minimizing frustrations and tantrums.

5. Stay Hydrated

The sun and heat deplete your water levels, making you prone to dehydration. recommends several things to help out. Avoid alcohol, sugar drinks and caffeine. They both pull water out of the body. In addition, take small sips throughout the day. Grab the water bottle after every couple of rides. Consider applying a moisturizing lotion to help your skin look hydrated after being in the sun all day.

6. Make Time for Snacks

Fuel your body. Active days require nourishment. Keep snacks with you in your bags, eating them throughout your trip. Use lunch as part of your break, filling up to support energy levels. Avoid fried foods and overindulging, as heavy tummies may limit your afternoon activities. Try a salad or sandwich.

7. Prioritize Your Time

Find out when the park allows people inside. Get there just before opening. Being one of the first lets you get in lines quickly, enjoying your favorite slides ahead of the long lines. In addition, if you didn’t rent a cabana, use this chance to snag some good chairs.

Plan out your musts. Is there a slide you must get in (maybe even more than once)? Hit it first. Knock out those absolutes. Then, save the wave pool and lazy river for later, when crowds pick up, and you need downtime.

Get the most out of your next water park adventure. Organize your time, plan for breaks and gather sun-protective supplies. Then, splash and swim to your heart’s content.

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