Tips for coping up with exam anxiety

Very few students get comfortable with writing a term paper. In addition, students often get anxious when exams are around the corner. You can learn at Science Essay Examples that the science has it that our bodies produce cortisol hormone during stressful moments, which impairs our thinking, absorption, and overall performance.

It is essential we stay calm and composed during exam time for excellent performance. To avoid stress when planning for an exam, try the following tips.

Prioritizing well your work during revision

You can manage your exam anxiety and improve your performance when your priorities your time and activity. When you prioritize your work and time, you ensure you cover all you need to do in time and reduce the risks of tension arising from exam fear.

If you have more than one paper remaining, draw a diagram of all the papers you need to cover and have a list of all the topics you should work on. Then, by scheduling your time and activities, you will get a rough idea of how much time you need to revise. From that, you can plan your timetable accordingly and utilize your limited time well in preparing for exams.

During your revision, mark every topic you have covered so that you can track your progress and deal with the remaining subject in a more organized manner.

Time Tabling your revision

You can only be confident if you are sure that you covered all the examinable topics. Timetabling your revision will ensure you cover all the relevant issues and remain optimistic as you approach your exam.

Have a to-do list of your revision and follow it strictly. Your schedule should be flexible enough to accommodate at least 10 minutes break after each revision session.

Developing a daily to-do list of all your activities will leave you super prepared for the exam and maintain your confidence as you sit for every paper.

Eat healthily and exercise regularly.

The idea of exercising during stressful moments may seem ambiguous to many, though it makes you feel great afterward. It is because your heart pumps happy hormones into the brain during the exercise, which reduces the overall body tension when stressed up. As a result, you experience energy for more activity after a session of training.

When feeling stressed and exhausted during revision, walk to the gym or take a any form of light exercise that suits you. You will feel softer and refreshed than before.

Eating the right food during stress is essential to both your physical and mental health. Develop an exhaustive list of foods to eat during stress and exam revision to keep your body strong and refreshed.

When planning your study timetable, have a schedule for a healthy snack to power your brain and ease your body from tensions.

Avoid social media before the onset of exams.

While revising for the exams, break away from social media. Social media can be a destructor of your studies. Every time you need to concentrate and grasp a challenging concept, you feel the urge to confirm current social media trends.

Social media can relay eat into your revision time and reduce your revision efficiency.

Avoid or reduce consumption of coffee, alcohol, and cigarette

When you are so much into alcohol, cigarettes, and coffee, it may seem not easy to eliminate them from your lifestyle. You can hold it until you can have enough time for fun with your friends when exams are over.

Coffee is a stimulant that can increase a stress level during exam not take more than a cup of coffee and cut down on cigarette smoking while preparing for exams.

Drinking alcohol while preparing for exams may not be a good idea. Alcohol is a depressant when consumes in large quantities while a stimulant when you take it in small amounts—either way, whether small or large quantities, alcohol consumption may not be helpful in your studies. You can check health argument topics to find even more reasons to avoid them.


If your desire excellent perforce and management of exam stress, follow the above tips. You will always have effective revision and health studies.

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