Things you need to know about Rishi Rohit Sharma.


Rishi Rohit Sharma is a very popular person for his fabulous Astrological, Occult, and Reiki activities. He is described as the living legend and king of the occult. Rishi Rohit Sharma is known as one of the best astrologers in the whole world. He has expertise in Astrology, Vastu,

Reiki, and other occult branches. He was born into a reputed Brahmin family in the lineage of Maharishi Sankhyana.

Educational background:

Rishi Rohit Sharma is a highly educated person. He studied engineering in Technology, Computers, and Electronics. He has obtained not only one but also two master’s degrees in engendering and currently completing his Doctorate in Metaphysics. He is an Indian by birth and is currently an Australian Citizen. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Information and Technology from a reputed engineering university in India and after completing that he joined Victoria University Australia for continuing his Master’s degree in Electronics and Engineering. He also had a keen interest in Physics and Astronomy since he was a child.

Founder of Nazm E Jyotish:

Rishi Rohit Sharma is the founder of “Nazm E Jyotish”. The book was written about astrological predictions in beautiful rhyming couplets. The book is written on the theme that love teaches poetry to humans. As love signifies the unification of two souls similarly, the two rhyming lines make the idea or prediction complete. This book was so much hit that it changed the way and working of astrologers. Many astrologers started copying his work or started writing predictions in his style. He ignited the passion of many writers to write in the form of “Nazm” in astrology. He also decoded and simplified lots of mystical texts and turned them into thousands of beautiful couplets which are known as “Nazm”. The whole book is covered with lots of jaw-dropping stunning predictions.

He is the mentor of lots of Online Courses:

He also teaches different types of online free courses to people who are eager to learn through electronic media like YouTube, Facebook, and last but not least WhatsApp groups also. The name of his YouTube channel is Rishi Rohit Sharma and his organization’s name is VAYOM. He uses VAYOM as an umbrella for all the fields related to Vastu, Astrology, Yoga, Occult, and Meditation.

We can easily find some interesting books and articles authored by him online.  But the most popular and best seller are his two books named “Nazam-e-Jyotish and “Grahon ki Nishaniyan”. In these writings, he explains everything smooth as butter which will leave a permanent mark on the reader’s thoughts. His other book named “How to Meditate” is life-changing.

How can the knowledge of Rishi Rohit Sharma help you in life?

Rishi Rohit Sharma believes that as every product comes with a manual and specification so a human does take birth with a manual-like thing that is called a horoscope. A horoscope is just like a manual that tells us what gifts, specifications, or characteristics we have brought into this life. This manual or horoscope will help us in understanding ourselves and our true potential. We can focus on the best things we have been blessed with and can choose our future and destiny in the best possible way. The stars and our inherited hidden talents and capabilities will support us. If we follow the instructions from this manual or horoscope.

He also believes that everyone has a guardian angel and has the right to connect to white light or God. When we connect to white light or listen to our guardian angels, we choose the best path and are always guided for our highest good.

Rishi Rohit Sharma is so accurate in his predictions that many renowned astrologers use his style and techniques in predicting the future of their clients.

Contacting information: 

If you are fond of our great astrologer Rishi Rohit Sharma and if you need any help from him you can call him at (+61) 466 999 296 at your scheduled timeline. Your online presence can also bring you to us. You can email us at [email protected], can join his Facebook page at or you can visit our website at


Rishi Rohit Sharma will be always by your side whenever you need him. We want to help you with every important aspect of your life. To know about our free courses follow us on YouTube and Facebook. If you are facing any problems getting connected with us, please let us notify. We will try our best to provide you with our best guidance and support.

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