Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Milking Machine

A milking machine is a modern technological tool that facilitates the milking process in the case of large-scale milk production. It applies a technique involving creating a vacuum outside the teat, allowing milk to flow out through the canal to the collecting bucket.

This article focuses on some of the main factors that determine the price of a milking machine especially here in Kenya.

With the rising demand for milk all across the country, there is a need to develop an easier and quicker milking technique. A milking machine is therefore essential in the case of mass milk production to meet consumer demands. However, before purchasing one, some factors need to be put in consideration.

1. The size of the milking machine

The bigger the size of the milking machine, the higher the price. Bigger milking machines are very efficient in large-scale milk production, and this is most appropriate for a farmer with a large number of dairy cattle. Depending on the size of your herd, you will be required to choose the best size of milking machine that would be most appropriate for you.

2. Source of power

Milking machines may either be electrically powered or battery powered. However, some milking machines come with a power backup resource which may include an internal combustion pump for the vacuum and also pulsator. This is efficient in ensuring continuous milk production, and is, therefore, more expensive.

3. Number and size of teats

Different dairy animals have different numbers and sizes of teats. Goats, for example, have 2 teats while cows and buffaloes have 4. Cows and buffaloes also tend to have bigger teats than goats. The number and size of teats greatly affect the milking machine price in Kenya, with bigger and more teat cup milking machines being more expensive.

4. Pulsation rates

Normally, different milking machines come with different pulsation rates depending on the type of animal and the size of the udder for efficient milk ejection. Teats in the rear quarter are usually larger, and the milk takes a longer time to eject. Having two different rates for the front and rear teats is essential in ensuring efficient milk production andgood health of the animal.

5. Ease of cleaning

A high level of hygiene needs to be maintained at the milking parlor, starting with the milking man to the milking equipment. This ensures high quality of milk and good health for the animal. Some milking machines come with additional cleaning apparatus including a pre-andpost-sanitizing spray that ensures high quality of milk. Therefore, these machines with extra options attract more charges.

6. Machine specification

Milking machines come with different specifications. These specifications are based on factors like speed, frequency, level of production, and animal type. Specifications, therefore, vary depending on the milking need of the farmer, creating a difference in the milking machine prices.


Milking machines are essential for efficient milking. Various factors need to be considered before settling for the best machine that will fit your needs.

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