Things to keep in mind before purchasing a diesel generator

Of the various types of generators, diesel-dependent ones have a great reputation and, thus, a potentially great future. Current statistics on the current trends indicate an incredible increment and expansion of diesel generator manufacturing companies. The expansion of these manufacturing companies indicates a great demand for their products.

Even if someone were to deny it, diesel generators are on a rampant increase in the third world and they have a great future. A recent study shows an increment in the usage of diesel generators by 22% in Kenya for a period of three years. Based on the fact that diesel generators are simple, mobile, and dependable, it indicates that nearly half of the population of Kenya will have diesel generators as their chief source of backup power a number of years from now. Learn some of the aspects to consider before purchasing a diesel generator.

Your power needs

Often, diesel generators act as a power backup in most organizations. So what happens when there is a blackout? Does the diesel generator have to supply power to the whole organization or only to the critical departments?

To sum up, one should get a generator with power that will meet their needs.

Fuel usage

Diesel generators vary in fuel utility depending on the capacity and power of the generator. In organizations, power sources act as assets to enable the production of more assets. With the increasing diesel generator prices in Kenya, one ought to select the most fuel-efficient generator.

A poorly fuel-utilizing generator shifts from an asset to a liability for an organization.


Like any other machine, your diesel generator should have the assurance that it is long-lasting. Note that the warranty covers only a specific number of risks. Check out the risks covered by the warranty before entering into a purchasing contract with the prospective company. Any risk arising from the negligence of a buyer is not insured by the warranty period.

Control system

A standard generator should display warnings and any risks automatically. For instance, some generators are fitted with alarms that ring when the fuel runs low. Other control systems include a cooling mechanism to minimize overheating problems. The control system will display a wide range of data that will help you assess and monitor the performance of your generator.

Personnel to maintain the generator

Diesel generators cannot be handled by a naive individual. Note that mishandling the generator by a knowledge-deficient person is not included in the warranty insurance cover. Therefore, in your organization, have that one individual responsible and liable for anything related to the generator. Do not multitask employees from different departments to check on the generator.


The list of factors to consider is endless. Overall, make certain that your generator is within your budget and has a low maintenance cost.Additionally, check out the reviews of past users of diesel generators before you make a purchase decision. You can also surf the net so that you have knowledge of their cost.

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