Things to do in Seattle for Dog Owners

Suppose you’re looking for an excellent place to board your dog while away from home; look no further than the city of Seattle. Tiger Mountain Kennel in Renton, Washington, is a good option in the greater Seattle area. Tiger Mountain accepts pets from the greater Seattle area and makes reservations in advance, particularly during the summer and holidays. The facility features several amenities and services, including a barking lounge and a Kali’s K9s. Kali’s K9s is a Seattle, Washington-based team of professionals who provide dog boarding and training services. Boarding includes socialization with the staff and other boarded dogs, playtime with toys and blankets, and private kennels. This company also offers board and train services for dogs that need help with their behavioral issues. The company’s founder specializes in competitive agility, dog obedience training, and dog rescue.

There are several aspects to keep in mind when you bring your dog to a kennel, including the fee, whether your pet should be fed free or provided with the medication and food, and what to do if you’re pet comes home with kennel cough. Whether your dog has an allergic reaction to the food or if it just wants to play, everything you need to know about Seattle Kalis K9s dog boarding will help you choose the right place for your pet.


If you’re going to be in the Seattle area on business or vacation, don’t worry about the cost of Seattle dog boarding. Free dog boarding at Seattle Kalis K9s is a great option. Dogs can spend the day outside in a large play yard, socialize with other dogs, and have plenty of opportunities for exercise. These places also have a free-dog boarding policy.

Pets must be provided

When traveling by plane, pets must be transported in a licensed kennel. The kennel must be large enough to allow the pet to stand, lie down and move around normally. A kennel must have adequate ventilation on three sides. Before turning in your pet for travel, provide it with a light meal and water. It must be bolted together with metal nuts.

Travelers should check the airline’s policy regarding service animals and pets when traveling by plane. They should make sure that all regulations for air travel apply to their animals. For example, service animals must accompany their owners and be on a leash. In addition, pets cannot be carried in the cargo hold of a commercial airline, which means that they must be transported in a car by their owners.

Food and medications must be clearly labeled.

At Seattle Kalis K9s, every dog owner knows how important it is to label their pet’s medications and food properly. If they leave them at home, the facility staff will do everything to administer them. However, sometimes, it’s not possible. This is a very common occurrence, and a facility’s staff must be able to administer medication to their guests.

All medications and food must be labeled appropriately at Seattle Kalis K9’s dog boarding facility. For instance, insulin must be stored in a refrigerator. Oral antibiotics, such as tetracycline, must be clearly labeled. Food and medications must be clearly labeled, and owners should give clear instructions to the caregiver to avoid misplacement or run out.

Conclusion Remark

If you’re traveling to Seattle and need to find an excellent place to board your dog, several places are in the Seattle area. Seattle Kalis K9s is one such place. Located in Everett, Snohomish, and Bellevue, they’re five acres of fully fenced land where happy dogs can play and socialize. The daycare center is open from 7 am to 5 pm daily, and dogs are supervised around the clock.

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