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Things to consider when you get your house exterior painted

Preparation is key for any job to be successful. Maling af facade is no different. If you do not prepare your house properly and think about the situation beforehand, you may get in a lot of trouble.

Go for quality

If you choose better quality paint, you will have to get the painting job done less frequently. Over time, paint technology has improved by leaps and bounds. The colors are guaranteed to last longer. You may want to save money, but you will have to pay in the long run eventually. Therefore opt for good quality paint.

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Check the weather forecast.

Plan when you are going to paint. The seasonal weather patterns and the time of the year are key. Go for a time of the year that is dry so that there is little humidity and no rain. Paint will need time to dry and will not stick to the wall if the wall is wet or damp.

Remove the dirt

If there is dirt on the walls, the paint will not stick. Therefore, sand the rough surfaces and allow the wall to dry before the painting process starts completely. Sand out any peeling paint to have a smooth and solid surface for the paint to stick to.

Remove the rots

Siding material and rotten wood continue to deteriorate and may take your paint off. Therefore, replace the wood trims with new components or fill up the gaps with wood filler. Sand and prep the region before painting.

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Protect landscape

You may not remember that painting can be very messy. Thus, cover up any vegetation or shrubs before you start with the painting process. Furthermore, cover up any grills, outdoor furniture, lighting fixtures, etc.

Do not forget the primer.

With improvement in paint technology, you can get a paint that already has primer in it. But they will be more expensive. Therefore, compare the prices of paint and primer and paint + primer. Check the reviews and then decide.

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Buy more paint than you need

It is always advisable to buy more paint than you need. You can combine the paint in a big bucket and then start. This will ensure uniform color in your house exterior. If the paint falls short, you are at risk of a miss-match

Always paint from top to bottom.

Never start from the bottom. Always start work from the top and move downwards. This helps control the paint streaks. Drips are unavoidable, but if you choose this method, there are fewer chances of mishaps happening.

Seal the containers

When you finish painting for the day, seal the containers. You can use a rubber mallet to shut the lid. Alternatively, you can use plastic wrap to cover the lid. This is especially important if you will need the paint the next day.

Remember to discuss how your contractor will proceed when they tilbud malerarbejde and before you finalize the contract.

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