The Wireless Mouse

Mouse is an extension of computer. Its birth provides us with great convenience in the process of using computer. The prototype comes from the input device invented by the Royal Canadian Navy in 1952. It relies on hand movement to move the cursor. The design has not been patented. Until 1963, Douglas Engelbart of Stanford Institute developed the first mouse. It had the main functions of modern mouse. Later, the first trackball mouse appeared in Germany in 1968. The development of the mouse has stepped onto the right track. 

After the basic popularization of wired mouse, the era of wireless mouse follows. In 1992, the first wireless mouse MouseMan launched by the famous brand Logitech was launched. It can support normal use without being in a straight line with the receiver. Its research and development have ushered in a new wave of mice. The first laser mouse MX1000 was launched by Logitech in 2004. 

It is not difficult to see that the development speed of the mouse in these decades is quite amazing. Wireless mouse refers to a mouse that can connect with the computer without cables. The realization of its function depends on the connection between wireless technology and computer. The connection mode of wireless mouse includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Infrared and other wireless technical standards. The market classification is divided into 2.4 G wireless mouse and Bluetooth mouse. 2.4 G wireless mouse needs to be plugged into a signal receiver on the computer. The principle is to work in the wireless frequency band with wireless frequency of 2.4-2.485G Hz ISM. The work of the Bluetooth mouse is through the Bluetooth connection between the computer and the mouse. 

There are some differences between the two mice. If you want to use it in desktop computers, it is recommended to use wireless mice. Such as Xiaomi wireless mouse and Logitech wireless mouse. Most desktop computers do not have Bluetooth function. The wireless receiver needs to occupy a USB interface. If the computer does not have many USB interfaces, then you can use Bluetooth mouse. Such as HONOR Bluetooth Mouse.

It is an electronic product with high frequency in our daily life. The existence of mouse is necessary at present. There is no obvious difference between wireless mouse and wired mouse in various performances. Its appearance does reduce the bad use experience. As the technology becomes more mature and the stability of the connection is increasing, wireless mouse will become the mainstream mouse product.

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