The Warm & Glowing Horizon Of Medical Marijuanas In Australia

If you mentioned a decade ago, the use of medical marijuanas in Australia would be as prominent as it is – you’d be laughed out of the room. Well, no one is laughing now – except maybe the avid and passionate supporters, and legal providers of medical marijuanas in Australia who are finally getting the recognition and respect that they undoubtedly deserve.

It was a long and winding road to even get to this point, however, the odds are beginning to stack in favour of the science and public opinion on the matter. There are of course those who are doubting the potential of medical marijuanas in Australia, and there is certainly credence for more research into the expansion of ailments that could benefit from the use of medicinal cannabis.

Today’s article will simply be a discussion and extrapolation on some of the signposts that are suggesting that medical marijuanas in Australia are here to stay – and a few reasons why that is a good thing for the future of all Aussies.

Political Movements

In the most recent election in Australia, there was a noticeable push toward a greener future in all respects, particularly in the state of Queensland which saw a record number of votes for pro-cannabis party Legalise Cannabis Australia. The swing of more than 5% in only 3 years could signify a more relaxed and less intense scrutiny on the concept of recreational and medical marijuanas in Australia.

Though the platform did not perform as strongly in other states, they did not perform poorly either, reflecting either a shaky and tired electorate, a more progressive thinking process, or a little of both. The issue of price is still a major issue as the federal laws surrounding the cultivation of medical marijuanas in Australia remain rather strict for the time being.

A Potential Opioid Crisis Antidote

While the claims are still in the stages of research in many respects – the anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that with the rise in prescriptions related to pain management across the population – there could be credence for medical marijuanas in Australia to be a suitable response for certain types of pain sufferers.

Top-tier research and biotech companies based down under are showing some promise as well and perhaps could be on the verge of unlocking a fascinating new insight into the connection between THC, CBD, and the various ailments that could be alleviated by medical marijuanas in Australia.

Prescription Rise

According to a recent study conducted by Frontiers in Pharmacology detailing the trends of cannabis use in the country since its medicinal legalisation – prescription rates have steadily gone up, and especially from 2020. This has been theorized as being potentially tied with the relaxation of certain laws, rules, and regulations surrounding medical marijuanas in Australia which has allowed an easier flow of prescriptions to occur across the board.

Another reason for the rise in prescriptions can also be correlated rather well with the number of medical professionals, sufferers, and previous patients espousing a much better experience in the wake of using the substance which could lead to a wider breadth of options for sufferers in the future.

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