The Umoh Foundation

Today numerous organizations and health groups are emerging that are helping people with their mental health-related problems. Yet the number is far behind, and not all individuals with mental issues are getting appropriate help.

In this background, a unique mental health organization known as The Umoh Foundation emerges and becomes the center of attraction.

This organization is unique because of the services it offers to the people as well as because of the motives on the basis on which this organization was founded.

So let’s discuss more about the Umoh Foundation and what sort of services it offers to people.

Services Offered By The Umoh Foundation

The Umoh Foundation basically works as a mediation platform where parties applying for divorce sit together and craft decisions for themselves.

In recent times the cases of divorce are increasing like never before, and the most news hunt painstaking thing in the process is to settle various issues. Although dealing with the matter of divorce and preventing them is a separate field where we will be focusing on the issues during the divorce procedure.

Mostly there are many matters of india songs concern on which both the partners need to make decisions together. And most often, that happens through litigation.

Litigation is a costly, long, and mentally and emotionally tiring procedure that feels burdensome to both parties yet, in some cases, remains inconclusive.

And moreover, in various instances, issues solved through litigation create a hard feeling for each other in couple, and they will hate each other for their life.

But mediation is a more peaceful, affordable, and quick way to settle things between two parties. That is why this organization provides a mediation platform where separating parties can meet and settle issues between them.

Major issues that are looked upon include child care custody, property maintenance, living arrangements, alimony, health care issues, financial issues, and legal issues. With them, there are many other miscellaneous issues too that are resolved through mediation.

Throughout the mediation sessions, parties will discuss their issues while they are assisted with third-party help. Parties will get legal reviews from external attorneys who have agreed to help the families who can’t afford expensive services and meet the guidelines set by the federal government.

These attorneys will provide the legal review that is much telesup needed in legal complications and make all clauses of agreements clear to both parties.

Also, in the mediation sessions, the parties will also get help from several support persons, and their family members, friends, and neighbors can attend the sessions.

The mediation sessions are open to the relevant participants such as family members, friends, neighbors, community resource persons, financial advisors, and faith leaders.

They can attend the session to witness the discussion and emotionally support the couple. With that, they can also offer their advice to the couple so that they onlinebahisforum can use those pieces of advice to confront and resolve their issues.

Hence The Umoh Foundation offers a comprehensive package of affordable mediation and sliding–scale services to families in transition, such as orientation and screening. Also, it helps in preparing the parties’ memoranda of understanding.

The number of mediation sessions required depends on the issues that are needed to be resolved and the complexity of the issues.

Thus through The Umoh Foundation, families in transition will get one platform from which they can resolve their issues, talk about them, and get the support of their families and community. Their decisions then are reviewed by the attorneys who, after finalizing all details, file the divorce.

In this way, couples will eliminate chances of hard feelings toward each other and get a head start on parenting skills as they move ahead in their life. This will make the life of the couple as well as their kids stress-free and peaceful.

The Founder Of The Foundation

The Umoh Foundation was founded by Emaediong Umoh, who is a certified divorce mediator and has been working in the field for years.

His nickname is EJ, and his hometown is Bear, Delaware, where he spent his childhood.

He has completed his elementary level school education from Lock Heaven School and got his high school completed from Appoquinimink School.

After that, he went to Kutztown University, from where he completed his graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Minor Police. This university is nearby his hometown, that is why he chose this place to complete his graduation.

His favorite spot on the college campus was the Graduation Centre which, amidst of scenic and elegant beauty of the university, offered him a place to relax and introspect.

Also, he has earned a certificate in child welfare from the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work.

Not only educational achievements are noteworthy, but also his sports achievements are worthy of appreciation.

In his college days, he has participated in various championships in the weight throw and hammer throw and bagged positions in almost every championship.

In the year 2019, when he completed his graduation, he earned the Dean’s List Honors and won All – Atlantic Region and All – PSAC in the weight throw.

He has ranked third all-time in KU history in Bison open, and their weight throws were declared the season’s best throw not only once but twice.

Coming to his career after his graduation, he has been working as a divorce mediator and a member of the ADR committee within the Family Law Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association.

Not only has he won various championships in college and displayed sportsmanship, but in his career, he has earned several awards too.

He was awarded the New York Court of Appeals Pro Bono Legal Scholar for his brilliant work and commitment to legal scholarship and human service.

With that, he is also awarded the Cali Excellence in many legal arenas for The Future Award.

So it is his dynamic personality that he comes up with the idea of founding an organization for helping families in the transition of the divorce procedure. As he believes that mental health service is a human right that has to be provided to every human.

On the basis of his values, he founded his organization, The Umoh Foundation, which is working commendably for the betterment of people and offering them peaceful, affordable, and efficient mediation services.

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