The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Photo Booth (2022)

You may plan your wedding for many months or even years. The lighting, the cake, the hues, the fare, the music, everything!

Not to mention the magnificence of your clothing, which we won’t even begin to discuss.

It’s all for one special day: the day you marry your closest friend and throw a wild celebration with your loved ones.

You’ll undoubtedly hire a photographer to capture the event, but have you also considered if a photo booth chicago would be a good addition?

We’ll discuss why photo booths are the ideal addition to weddings, how to make yours the best it can be, and then all the ways you can acquire one for your wedding.

Why use a photo booth at your wedding?

Open bar, a dance party, and a picture booth are the three traditional components of an outstanding reception. photeeq photeeq

An example would be the photo booth that was present during Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s wedding. 

The use of photo booths is often advised by wedding planners. A photo booth, according to Megan Metzger of Pearl Events Austin, is a need for her own wedding.

People really let loose and, for some reason, people feel more at ease behind the camera, Megan said, as opposed to having a camera in their face like on the dance floor with a photographer.

What makes photo booths so well-liked? Let’s list the causes:

  1. Photo booths increase the enjoyment

Between the wedding ceremony and reception, visitors may be entertained and have a good time during the cocktail hour. 

Additionally, a picture booth may assist bridge the gap by keeping attendees amused and the atmosphere upbeat. 

While you and your newlywed husband are shooting those breath-taking pictures that will make your grandmother weep, it’s the ideal diversion.

But the good times don’t end there.

Your wedding photo booth rental chicago will be a present that keeps on giving to you and your guests throughout the reception.

  1. The finest wedding favors are photos

Whether it’s a print copy or a digital one, your guests will appreciate having a souvenir to take home.

One picture booth certainly is far simpler to set up than hundreds of ribbons tied to bottles of bubbles that most likely won’t make it out the door.

People prefer to save a wonderful shot, particularly if they can text it to their phone from a touch screen photo booth, but most cliché wedding souvenirs end up in the garbage.

In order to make it simple for you and your guests to relive the moments, the majority of contemporary photo booth providers now offer access to an online wedding gallery following the big day.

  1. The camera cannot catch everything because there is too much activity

A photo booth is the ideal ally for a wedding photographer. The majority of the fantastic pictures your photographer takes will be of you and the primary activities on the dance floor.

What entertaining activities take place behind the scenes? The photo booth is useful in this situation.

A photo booth is a fantastic method to guarantee that you obtain real images of each guest at your wedding. 

Although not everyone would strike a proper stance for the wedding photographer, most people will visit the chicago photo booth to take a silly selfie or group shot. Like receiving an additional set of wedding photographs.

Ideas for a wedding photo booth

Now that you are aware of the benefits of having a photo booth at your wedding, read on for some suggestions on how to make it a huge success.

  1. Select the ideal place

Choose a busy section of the wedding venue for your selfie booth, such as close to the bar or dance floor. 

Make sure it is visible to your visitors from the area where they will be congregating. Your visitors won’t utilize the photo booth if they can’t see it.

A venue planner may attempt to convince you to place your photo booth in a closet or back area where no one will see it. 

Stop them from doing it! People need to see other people having fun and want to participate in if there is to be a lot of involvement and images taken.

Leave some room around your photo booth, if you can. If it’s simpler to get there, there will likely be a queue at some time and it will seem more appealing. 

People won’t be as eager to participate in the festivities if they have to squeeze between crowded tables.

  1. Get people to notice your photo booth

Starting the picture booth is similar to starting the dance party, just simpler! The wedding party, close friends, and your DJ or emcee may kick off the photo booth fun, and additional guests will soon join in.

To let visitors know where to locate the photo booth and that you want them to participate, you may place reminders and signs.

Of course, the greatest thing you can do is to create a visually appealing photo booth that draws people’ attention on its own.

The wedding photo booth should seem welcoming above everything else. We advise having the location well-lit and matching the background to the theme of your wedding. 

Your wedding photo booth should be another stunning feature of the reception space, drawing compliments from guests.

You want your photo booth to reflect the vibe of your wedding, whether it is formal or bohemian.

Our next advice is a fantastic approach to do that.

  1. Prepare a unique background for the photo booth.

You need the perfect background for your selfie station. Every photograph will include it, therefore it should be stunning and captivating.

A basic color may serve as your background. But if you truly want your individuality to stand out, decorate the background to reflect your wedding’s theme.

Here are some suggestions for decorating a plain wall:

  • Fun, reversible wall decor
  • Fabric vinyl decals for hanging
  • Fringed drapes
  • Fresh flowers hung (or a flower wall)
  • Make a customized neon sign
  • Gold sequins for glam

You may utilize the surrounding natural beauty of the foliage as a background for an outdoor wedding and celebration. 

Or, to make a straightforward photo booth setting, hang several frames from a nearby tree.

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