The Ultimate Guide to the Unlimited Cpanel Hosting Services for You

Performance, security, support, and cost are the top four reasons why you should choose Spidyhost for your web hosting service. Our team wants you to get the services you need to succeed.

Why choose unlimited cPanel hosting?

Update resources at any time

So whether you’re just starting out, running your own business, or need multiple SSD cloud servers with load balancing capabilities, Spidyhost web hosting services can meet your needs and budget.

We are committed to your success.

Once you start using Spidyhost, we offer you multiple natural migration paths and even perform a courtesy migration within the first 60 days of any new service. Many of our clients start out with shared hosting and later upgrade to business hosting for more resources to handle higher website traffic, more emails per hour, Litespeed web servers, and others who use business hosting to continue growing your website benefit.

From there, you’ll be happy with any Cloud SSD 4 or higher for the resources you need to continue growing your website and succeed. Dedicate resources to you when you need them. Additionally, you have all the features you can use in your own cloud portals, such as load balancers, DNS management, firewalls, snapshots, attached volumes, data storage, and other objects (to name a few).

Shared and business hosting accounts per server

We limit the number of accounts per server to 60 for shared web hosting and 50 accounts per server for any enterprise web hosting.

Safety is a top priority

Spidyhost offers AUTOSSL for any business or shared web hosting account, so your SSL certificate is ready within 24 hours of pointing your domain to your Unlimited cPanel Hosting account.We also provide a virus scanner for your account to scan your account for viruses. This included tool will allow you to scan mail, scan your entire home directory, scan your public webspace, and scan your public FTP space.

Our SSD cloud servers and dedicated servers give you full root access to install and configure your server any way you want. Additionally, we have some helpful knowledge base guides if you need help installing and configuring your firewall. In addition, you can run any scan on your server as requested by any of Spidyhost’ hosting services. Finally, if you need help securing your cloud SSD, you can also request windshield service.

It is critical to keep your applications up to date and use strong passwords for your servers, email accounts, login details, and applications. Additionally, we recommend that you change your password every few months to keep your website safe and secure.

  •         Backup and restore your account from backup.
  •         Spidyhost provides you with many backup options.

Shared and commercial hosting allow you to have full CPANEL backups and store daily backups of your entire account for up to 364 days.We also provide you with incremental backups of object storage using any SSD cloud or dedicated server. Additionally, Spidyhost allows you to check the integrity of your backups to ensure that you can restore your entire server from one backup. If you have a backup service, you can request that we restore any or all of your files for you by opening a support ticket with your request.

We can also provide snapshot backups so that you can take a snapshot of the entire SSD cloud server in the cloud portal at any time. You can use this snapshot to restore your server at any time. Snapshot backup also allows you to create new servers from snapshots, so you can create up to 25 servers at once through your own cloud portal with just a few clicks of a button.Any backups you add to your account through Backup Services are in our pool of available backup servers. These backups have extremely low latency, so they can restore your account from object storage or snapshots. Quickly.

SSL certificate

Spidyhost enables you to utilize the included SSL certificate for shared or business hosting. Additionally, any SSD cloud or dedicated server customer can install an SSL certificate (or an SSL certificate from another provider) using features like passwords.

We also offer RAPIDSSL and Wildcard Rapid SSL certificates for extra security as you build trust with your website visitors. We are happy to help you install these SSL certificates for any of the services managed as part of our support level.

Resource usage

Depending on how many emails you need to send per hour, how busy your site is, and whether you need to install custom applications or scripts, Spidyhost’ services can meet your web hosting needs.If your SSD cloud needs more resources to handle increased traffic, you can always upgrade through your cloud portal.

No technical skills are required.

Once your business or shared hosting service is available, you can build your website with simplified apps like Weebly or wordpress. Using a drag-and-drop website builder like Weebly is a quick way to get started.

Include email service

Once your service is ready, you can also create an unlimited number of email accounts for any of your domains or addon domains. After adding your email account, you can access Webmail from any computer with an Internet connection and set it up for your iphone or Android device on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Customer feedback

Our team is always looking for ways to improve, and we take customer feedback very seriously as we continue to build new features. Spidyhost recognizes the importance of listening to our customers and understanding how we can continuously improve our support and service.

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