The Ultimate Free-To-Play Browser Drifting Experience

If you have enjoyed any of the games on, you know the level of quality they tend to host on their site. Games like Drift Hunters and Madalin Stunt Cars are awesome, fully-featured games that even give some full console games a run for their money.

That spirit of quality and excellence in gameplay continues with one of their newest titles, Drift Hunters MAX. This game is less of a sequel and more of a graphical overhaul and expansion of the original Drift Hunters game, but it stands on its own as one of the best games on Here are a few reasons why.

Completely Free

Like all of the games hosted on the website, Drift Hunters MAX is completely free. The entire console-quality experience runs entirely in your browser with no additional charge, and no need for an extra download. The game is built on the Unity Engine, which allows for such features even at the level of polish possessed by Drift Hunters MAX. You’ve likely never experienced a game this generous and well-made.

Progress Secured

At the beginning of every Drift Hunters MAX session, you will be asked to register or log in to your account. This will only take you away from the game for a few minutes, but it fully unlocks all of the extra features of the game, including the invaluable cloud saves. Using your account, Drift Hunters MAX saves your progress in the background and sends it to the cloud, so you can sign in anywhere, on any computer and pick up where you left off. Not many browser games have this feature, and it’s something that sets Drift Hunters MAX apart from its competition.=

A Garage-Full of Cars

What’s a car game without cars? Drift Hunters MAX contains 37 amazing vehicles that are modeled off of real-life sports cars, making all of them instantly recognizable. As you continue to drift and earn drift points, you will be able to use those points to unlock every car in the game and fill out your garage.

Customization Unleashed

Once you’ve unlocked all of the cars available in the game, you aren’t necessarily finished. Each car can be taken into the tuning menu, where you will have access to a number of different options. Among them are different styles and colors of paint to put on the body and rims of the car, as well as many different aspects of the car’s suspension that you can change freely. Whether you want matte, metallic, or glossy paint in just about every color, Drift Hunters MAX will let you put it on your car. Even chrome paint, if you so wish. When changing the suspension of your vehicle, you will change its visual stance, which can be cool, but you will also change the dynamics of how the car handles and drifts. The overhauled physics system makes even the smallest change crucially important to how your car drives.

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