The Top Reasons Why Self-Catering Holiday Rentals are a Better Choice for Today’s Holiday-Makers

Even with the pandemic almost eased in many parts of the globe and lots more people getting vaccinated as we speak, many of us are still wary about going on holiday to different areas, even within the UK. But we can’t deny that we are all eager to get away, even for a few days, and if we can find an excellent option for our holiday, there’s no reason not to take it. But if you’re not too keen on spending a few nights at a hotel or resort and mingling with other guests, the self-catering holiday rental solution may be just what you need. In fact, private holiday rental properties are more popular than ever! So if you’re still wondering if it’s the best deal for you, here are the top reasons why self-catering holiday rentals are a better choice for today’s holiday-makers.

  • Flexibility and freedom

When you go on a weekend break or an extended holiday, you would want to have flexibility and freedom – and this is something that holiday rental properties are better at offering than your standard hotel or resort. You can set your itinerary and timetable, and you can also set the time for your meals and not have to follow any meal schedule from a resort or hotel. It’s really up to you whether you would like to relax and lounge around or be active outdoors or indoors. The self-catering holiday option offers you the freedom you wouldn’t otherwise get with a hotel or resort, and you can set your hours and do everything you want at your own pace.

  • Privacy

There’s no doubt that self-catering holidays give you more privacy. In fact, it’s your best bet if you want utmost privacy because you and your group will be the only ones staying in your holiday rental property. If you want to enjoy bonding moments with your children or would like to have a fantastic party with friends, you can choose from a range of large houses to rent for weekends or long breaks, whether you decide to stay within the UK or travel abroad. And the place will be all yours for the duration of your stay, and you will have the privacy you require at all times.

  • More space

When you stay in a hotel or resort, you will only have your room/suite – and that’s it. Of course, you can roam around the grounds and dine in the restaurants, but this means being in close contact with other guests, too. The same isn’t true with a holiday rental property – you will have more space, and it’s all yours. Most rental properties are large estates with big gardens and extensive grounds and sports facilities, and there is more space for everyone, even if you travel in a large group. You can choose to stay in a villa with more than ten bedrooms, for example, or a manor with an extensive lawn and grounds where you can take a stroll or watch the sunset without being bothered by other guests.

Staying in a self-catering holiday rental allows you to do what you enjoy, whether it’s preparing a special meal for everyone or taking a nice dip in a pool or just idling about – and you can do all of these and not have to worry about privacy at all.

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