The smooth protection method of high temperature during the operation of skf full complement cylindrical roller bearings

When the temperature of skf bearing rises, the first discrimination is whether the operation is wrong. If the temperature of full cylindrical roller bearing does rise, the following treatment should be done:

When we use full of cylindrical roller bearing, if found that the temperature is very high, is quickly suspended equipment operation, and then find out the reason, and in accordance with the above supply solutions for processing, but because of SKF bearing heating may be different reasons, so the solution is also different, so still have to particular case is particular, With the help of technicians.

(1) Choose full cylindrical roller bearings with smooth grease. After running for 1500 hours, the smooth grease should be replaced. The amount of oil injected should not be too much or too little.

(2) Regarding the selection of skf bearings with smooth oil, the amount of oil should be added to the regular bearing.

(3) The container containing smooth oil or grease should be clean. It should be sealed well at ordinary times, and there should be no dust, iron filings and other debris, so as not to damage the bearing.

(4) SKF full cylindrical roller bearings generally choose sodium based smooth grease, which is characterized by high temperature resistance (125℃), but easy to dissolve in water, so it can not be used for skf bearing smooth.

skf bearings need to pay attention to matters when lubrication

Generally, when we lubricate Swedish skf bearings, what problems should we pay attention to? The following Xiaobian to inform you!

(1) Adequate lubricant film separation should be adhered to between the conflicting appearance. Since the oil film on the touch surface is required to be heat weakened, it is necessary to adhere to adequate oil viscosity.

(2) Because the lubricant tends to deteriorate with the increase of temperature, the use of skf bearings in Sweden is planned to adhere to the lowest possible working temperature.

(3) The lubrication system is necessary to be suitable for use, and the lubricant is necessary to have appropriate functions.

  • lubricant is necessary to adhere to pollution-free.

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