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The Shine of High Gloss Laminate: How to Use it to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Space

Living in an era of evolved interior design, we all want the best-decorated home, right?

Laminates have always gotten our back with their luxury appearances and seamless finishing.

However, selecting proper surface materials with a grandeur look is complicated.

Let’s find out how high gloss laminates can add shine and luxe to your space.

What are High-gloss Laminates?

In the wide variety of laminates, glossy ones are one of the most used and popular surface covering materials.

The high-gloss laminates are the shiny and sleek laminates containing the smoothest surfaces. They easily glam up your space and the appearances of your interiors.

The most interesting fact about these laminates is that they are easily  installed.

How do these glossy laminates transform your space into a luxury one?

As the name suggests, the high-gloss laminates help to improve the reflective quotient and sheen of the surfaces on the furniture.

A glossy interior can make your house very attractive.

Apart from the attractive look, the glossy laminates easily transform the space.

Here, we have found some of the most important features of high gloss laminates, which make your home interior most beautiful.

Make Your Space Look Larger

The reflective properties of glossy laminates can make your room appear larger by bringing more light to the space. Therefore, if you install them into apparently smaller spaces of your house, they will easily fit in.

While textured laminates give character and depth to the interiors, gloss laminates are some of the best options while playing with the natural light.

The reflective surface can illuminate the space easily. With enhanced shine, these laminates carry exquisite elegance, which can transform the appeal of a space.

Showcase Contemporary Appeal to Your Home

In this era of Instagram, we all want to flaunt the beautiful side of ourselves, and a contemporary interior is the easiest option to record a video or take a great selfie.

When we have a nicely decorated interior, we don’t have to go out and search for a place to flaunt. Not only that, glamorous laminate flooring or designed living space can impress any visitor to one’s house.

With glossy laminates, you don’t have to worry about luxury appearances.

Easy maintenance

As these laminates have a lustrous surface, polishing and painting are not needed.

Plus, they are resistant to scratches, moisture and heat.

If you’re a little hygiene freak, the antibacterial properties of these laminates will prohibit the contaminants like bacteria, fungi, viruses and other germs.

Therefore, you’ll not have to worry before installing them in your wardrobe or kitchen cabinets.

Where to use the shine of High-gloss Laminates?

You’ll get endless opportunities to transform your place into a gleaming area with high-gloss laminates. Have a quick look at where you can utilise this magical surface material.

Wall Panels

The wall panels in your house can have a higher edge and beautiful appeal with the touch of these glossy laminates.

By enhancing both beauty and size, the appearance of your place can be transformed. If you choose suitable colours, patterns and designs for laminates in the cohesion of the home interiors, the entire space will become more beautiful.

Cabinets and Wardrobes

Wardrobes are capable of attracting attention. So, before choosing a proper laminate to cover the surfaces of cabinets and wardrobes, gloss laminates are the best option. As the high-pressure laminates in the gloss range are available in various designs and textures, cabinets and wardrobes are covered up by glossy laminates.


Since the gloss laminates are scratch-resistant and moisture-proof, they will be perfect for covering up the surfaces of the kitchen.

Therefore, it will be easily cleaned up whenever something spills on the kitchen surface.


The doorways set the first impression of a home interior. That’s why if gloss laminates are installed in the entryway, it will make the appearance wider and brighter.

We know it is impossible to ignore the shine and glitz of gloss laminates but finding a trustworthy laminate provider is equally difficult.

With Royale Touche high gloss laminates, you don’t have to think much about the sheen and gloss of the space. For more than 20 years, we have treated each of our customers with premium quality laminates.

That’s why customers who have chosen Royale Touche glossy laminates are able to transform their house interiors with a touch of luxury.

Do visit our store/website now if you’re also thinking about transforming your home decor.

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