The Rise of Colombian DJ

Kio Dj  is a world-renowned DJ Artist with significant international recognition. He has Diego Bolívar Melo as his real name. Born in Bogota, Colombia, he is well known as the first Colombian DJ ARTIST to play in Playboy’s house and has the reputation as the first DJ of Karol G.

Kio DJ was born in Bogota, Colombia, on 4 May 1987, as previously indicated. But he had a lot of interest in music and all about music from a young age. He developed music and also established his band at an exceptionally young age of 15 years.

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But, when Kio obtained his first deal as DJ with Flamingo, the world-famous producer, and Diamonds records, all these minor triumphs were highlighted. And from there, his career was bold with his first songs, La Playa and Palabras del Alma (Karol G), Bomba (Lil Slim) 

After all, his career took a significant turn in 2008, when in the Concierto de Conciertos, he played the opening performance together with Karol G and Don Omar. This was done at Cartagena in 2008, a world-famous spectacle.

But soon afterward, he relocated to Los Angeles and obtained a contract with the White Horse Records, from where he made his debut in various clubs in the city.  

However, he returned to Colombia in 2011 and subsequently launched music, “Date La Vuelta’ alongside Laboratories and Jérau. He even helped some of the leading DJs and D Juliana Cadena’s invention by DJ Queen. This led him to three years of DJ Queen’s International tours, which was considered one of the most controversial performances ever in music history.

While he is in the Middle East, Dubai, he has been employed at Savage Garden and worked on many performances in Dubai, Paris, Oman, and Turkey. At the F1 in Abu Dhabi in 2018-19, he also launched his second single. After signing a deal with Pragma Group, he became Resident Dj of  Cirque Le Soir and Billionaire Mansion. The growth of internet platforms has not only promoted mainstream pop and hip hop activities but has also contributed to highlighting the genres of regional Latin music around the world. Latin America has numerous regional styles of Latin music to offer, as it’s such a vast market economically, culturally, and locally, and any of them can be successful on a regional scale. A particular country has succeeded in becoming a hub for music production, songwriting, and the development of many of today’s superstars of Latin music: Colombia. Like in the consumption data from the regional music genres in other countries, the multiple platforms for audio and video streaming have enabled the regional Colombian music genres to be revived and internationalized. Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, the usual suspects, have carried out rigorous editorial efforts to promote the consumption of Colombian regional music all over the world and to uncover developing trends and performers.

The analytics will start with Deezer, a platform that started in 2019 to promote and support traditional sounds from two sole music channels devoted to Colombian music in part of its local hero strategy.

It’s no surprise to see how Colombia developed a Latin culture if we bring together the various musical styles from Colombia, the incredible musicians from the land, and the various programs of the Colombian government that promote music as an essential feature of the Colombian identity. This country has been exporting music and performers successfully and widely, not to mention television and literature, for years.

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