Thursday, December 2, 2021

The puppy mindset: 6 things your doggo thinks throughout the day

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A doggy’s life is full of lots of things: cuddles, eating, play, schnoozing, walks - the list goes on! If you’re a proud dog parent who loves spending as much time as possible with their pup, then it’s only natural you might be interested in what your doggo is thinking throughout the day.

Do they like their food? Who is that dog they’re meeting on their walk? Are they hoping for the best pet insurance? Okay, maybe they’re not thinking about that last one (though perhaps their parent should be!), but a dog’s life is full of exciting situations coupled with silly thoughts (we assume!).

Here are some of your pup’s thoughts throughout the day…

1. I want some of that human food

Dog food is made for dogs. Whether it’s in sachet form, biscuits, doggy mince, whatever, your dog enjoys doggy food and that’s partly why it’s made the way it is. However, there comes a few occasions each week when they get a bit pumped about mixing it up, trying something different, new, exciting, and they can become pretty cheeky trying to get their paws on it!

2. Who’s this dog?

There are so many different breeds of dog out there - hundreds, in fact! And every last one of them seems to know exactly when they’re coming across another member of the canine species. There is something so charmingly adorable about dogs meeting other dogs on their walks: they go up, become acquainted and quickly decide whether they like each other or not! If they do, they might run around and have a play fight, but if not, they keep walking - simple!

3. I want to play fight, no I don’t, yes I do!

Dogs can be pretty flakey when it comes to play fighting. Whether they’re with one of their family members or meeting dogs down the beach, they quickly jump in and out of a desire to brawl and wanting to do something else (run, dig, smell flowers etc.). The moment you see them decide to start brawling with another dog again is simply hilarious!

4. Where’s my owner gone? I’m not liking this one bit

Doggies love their parents, and they hate nothing more than thinking they’ve taken off forever! When their parent goes out, or even leaves their company for two minutes, they think they’ve completely ditched them, and they can easily become pretty upset about it. By not making a big deal of your comings and goings, your dog becomes more used to the idea, and understands that you’re not going forever - you might even be doing something for their benefit.

5. I have no idea where we’re going, but I’m pretty excited about it

Doggos love going in the car. When they begin to associate going in the car with going to the beach or the dog park, they get a joyous sense of excitement. You can’t help but imagine them thinking ‘where are we going? Where are we going?’ on repeat, only to be super excited when they see exactly where they are going!

6. I waaant to go outside, but I can’t seem to wait to get there

This may be more applicable to new puppies, but dogs that are learning to go to the toilet outside often just can’t seem to get there, and we’re sure they’re aware of it! Eventually they learn: whether they use their doggy door or ask their parent, they eventually make the switch towards going outside on the regular!

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