The Process of Teeth KoR Whitening at Irvine Dental Clinic

Having a perfect smile is very important. When you meet someone, the first thing they notice is your smile. It is always beautiful to have a whiter and brighter smile. A perfect smile can make you feel better about yourself. With the growing age and lifestyle, it is normal for your teeth to get stained. 

Regular habits like having coffee, tea, red wine, or even smoking will make your teeth darker. But now you have a treatment called KoR whitening available for you with the best dentist in Irvine, Frank C. Raymer DDS. Get your appointment fixed now and treat your teeth with care from the right and safe hands. 

What is Kor Whitening?

Kor is the entire set of teeth whitening using the gel that is refrigerated from the time they were produced to the date that it is used by the dentist. During the process of KoR whitening the dental tray that is used seals the whitening gel inside. The oxygen present in the gel gets absorbed deep inside the tooth and dissolves the stain molecules. 

Once the initial stages of teeth whitening are done, you will be provided with a tray and gel to take home. This gel and tray have to be used while sleeping every night. The tray is very thin and won’t disrupt your sleep in any way.

Here is a list of benefits provided by KoR whitening:

  • The procedure is done under the supervision of an expert.

It is quite different from the whitening process you follow at home using the kits from the pharmacy. This medical treatment can be followed only in a leading dental clinic under the supervision of an expert dentist. You see quick results.

The over-the-counter whitening kits take around two weeks to give you visible results. With the procedure using KoR whitening, you can see stunning results in just a few days. 

  • The result is consistent.

The whitening kits can have white patch results and be inconsistent in the whitening process. With KoR whitening, a perfect 6 months of sitting can provide perfectly consistent white teeth. 

  • It is advanced and safe.

It is medically proven to be effective and safe to be used by anyone. 

  • It is a cost-effective procedure. 

With the other pharmacy products and procedures, you have to wait for weeks and months for the perfect shade you desire; even a process of teeth whitening lasts for only 6 months. But with KoR whitening, you get amazing results with just a small investment, and the results last for a longer period. 

Make sure that you make the best of your whitening process and choose the right procedure. 

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