Thursday, December 2, 2021

The power of guest posting

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The procedure of contributing a post to some other individual's blog in order to build rapport, visibility, authority, and links is known as guest blogging.  In addition to some other marketing aspects, links are a main ranking factor in Google, and in search engine optimization guest blogging provides a strong chance to acquire a link back from some other blog. There are certified SEO professionals like Activeseoshield who provide guest posting facility in form of blogs, educational links and you are sorted. Bloggers are always interested to get more audience to their blogs and if you want to increase your visibility, you both can mutually share each other’s links and that is how guest posting and links work. Next time when the niche audience visit any one of your blogs, he/she will be prompted to read another blog as well. To start with,

  • Narrow down your niche and target audience
  • Search for top blogs and popular bloggers in your niche who have decent traffic over blog
  • Follow the companies and bloggers who do guest posting to have an idea
  • Finalise with your list and prepare a pitch asking for guest posting
  • Go with the flow, pitch your idea to them and if they agree, carry the process of guest posting.

There are some companies and bloggers who hate guest posting. This is because guest posting strategy is abused sometimes when some bloggers don’t honour their words or use spam links. But you will not know until you don’t ask one. Approach them politely and put your idea on table. If all goes well you might be able to have them on board.

How backlinks help?

Guest blogging has the most impact on your site's SEO because of the link profile it creates. You could also obtain new links on web sites as you make a contribution to new sites. Work on anchor text as they help search engine in understanding what the website is about. You should evaluate your current web presence for your entire site, as well as the anchor text use, in order to enhance the impact of anchor text as you create links. This together with several other link-building practices will help to maintain a normal, diverse identity.

There are also some bloggers on net who ask you for money in return of guest posting. This is type of a sponsored post or advertisement and google algorithm doesn’t take that well. It identifies these type of links and rank them lower in search results. The most important thing is that the links should look natural and not forced or paid for. 

Guest posting can help to increase the rank of your website in search results of google as well as provide extra traffic and clicks based on the niche of your business. Also, guest posting helps in networking and building relationships with experts in the same field and this truly gives you an edge in your business as you know people who can help you to remove roadblocks if you face any in your journey.

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