The Most Underrated Action Movies of the 1980s

1980s action films included Terminator, Robocop, Die Hard, Indiana Jones and The Untouchables. These films were all nominated for several Academy Awards, but were largely forgotten. For instance, The Untouchables starred Kevin Costner, Robert de Niro and Andy Garcia. However, these movies are just as worthy of consideration. If you’ve never seen them, here’s a quick rundown.


Incredibly intense, Supercop is an underrated action moviesverse. It’s about a Hong Kong supercop who accidentally gets involved in an international spy-hunt as he tries to catch a dirty bomb. The film’s action scenes are surprisingly well-paced, especially considering how much Jackie Chan did himself. Although the film is more realistic than its predecessors, there are still a few clumsy moments.

It may be hard to believe, but a majority of action movies have some sort of quality problem. Some of these films have one-liners, thin plots, mediocre performances, and a lack of character arc. Still, there are a few exceptions. Tom Jolliffe has compiled a list of the ten most underrated action movies in his list below. Hopefully, this article will help you decide which action movies are worthy of praise and attention.

Tomorrow Never Dies

The release of Tomorrow Never Dies has largely been overlooked in recent years, but it was an important film in the Bond franchise and one of Brosnan’s best. It was released between the peak-performing Goldeneye and the disappointing Die Another Day. In terms of box office, the film was a success, earning almost three times its budget and opening on the same weekend as Titanic. However, it was not successful enough to reach the top spot, and it remains the only Brosnan Bond film not to do so.

Besides being the 18th Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies is the first Bond film to be produced without Albert R. Broccoli. The film was dedicated to Broccoli after the late producer Albert R. Broccoli. As the first Bond film to be produced after Broccoli’s death, Tomorrow Never Dies includes the word “Limited” in the credits. This word was removed from later films. This film was also the last Bond movie to be directed by Broccoli.

Tears of the Sun

The movie is a gripping action drama that follows a group of US Navy SEALs on a mission in Nigeria. The film is a powerful one, thanks to Bruce Willis and Monica Bellucci’s compelling performances. This film has a powerful message as well. It’s a must-see for fans of the action genre. Whether you’re a fan of Bruce Willis or Monica Bellucci, you’ll love Tears of the Sun.

The film has a great cast, including Mark Dacascos, David Wu, and Christophe Gans. It has an operatic quality to it, and Dacascos gives an amazing performance. The plot is thin, the characters are two-dimensional, and the action isn’t particularly original, but it does contain a lot of exciting moments. Despite its shortcomings, Tears of the Sun is an excellent film to watch in teachertn.


Despite its middling box office, Haywire is an underrated action masterpiece. The story follows tough-as-nails black ops agent Mallory as she is double-crossed by international mercenaries and ends up being the hunted by those who betrayed her. A stunning action sequence culminates in the killing of the betrayer’s son, and the film is one of the best thrillers of the year.

While the MCU is a box office juggernaut, most casual action movie fans aren’t familiar with Haywire. Most of us have seen a few Fast and Furious adventures, but if you’re interested in seeing some great action movies that haven’t been given much press, start with one of these recent underrated action movies. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Passenger 57

If you are a fan of action movies, you’ve probably seen Passenger 57. This movie stars a cast of big-name actors including Wesley Snipes, Chuck Norris, and David Lougery. The story of a man who boards a flight carrying a terrorist and plans to get away with his co-horts, and ends up in a sticky situation. Passenger 57 is one of dozens of Die Hard-inspired movies, and it doesn’t do it justice.

It’s a clone of Die Hard and Air Force One, but it lacks the high-voltage action and fun of those films. The action sequences are weak, uninspired, and poorly executed. Wesley Snipes is forced to run around using karate moves to save his life, and the result is a movie that’s distinctly mediocre in satta-king-india.


If you are a fan of Stallone and action movies, you should check out Cobra. While it wasn’t a box office hit when it was released, Cobra has a great reputation in the action movie community. Although the movie was never nominated for an Oscar, it was very successful on video. This is a cult classic, primarily due to the blistering simplicity of its plot.

As a conclusion

The movie is a cult classic among action aficionados. It epitomizes the golden era of this genre and is even referenced by Nicolas Winding Refn in Drive. In fact, Ryan Gosling even eats a toothpick in the movie. The cast is superb and Stallone gives a great performance as Marion Cobretti.

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