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If you are a parent and you are thinking about getting your kids an iPad or some other kind of electronic device for their birthday, then you should definitely check out Super Awesome products. This innovative company makes use of cutting-edge technology that enables kids to use the internet safely. With its help, content owners and brands are able to engage with their audiences in an entirely new way. Founded in 2013, this company is composed of digital media and technology experts.

Growing kidtech ecosystem

In the UK, half of all ten-year-olds have a tablet or smartphone. Startups are responding to this growing market with wholesome tech and educational applications. Though investment has been slow, it’s expected to accelerate as demand increases. Here are some examples of startups in the space:

Super Awesome, a startup that provides technology for children, offers tools and standards for safe and kid-friendly content. Its SafeFam service helps young YouTubers navigate YouTube while parents can use parental controls to prevent children from viewing inappropriate content. It expects to grow by 100 percent this year and generate $50 million in revenue. It estimates that more than 170,000 kids go online for the first time every day. While Super Awesome’s revenue run-rate is still small, it is rapidly increasing and is expecting to grow to $50 million in revenue in 2015.

If you’re in the market for a super awesome cars, you can choose one that looks good and performs well. These cars are loaded with excellent features and can even be affordable. Read on to discover some of the most incredible cars. You might even be surprised by what you find! And don’t worry, you can’t get one of these cars just because you don’t have a million dollars lying around.

Legal requirements of COPPA

If you’re looking to create a child-friendly digital experience, you should comply with COPPA laws. This law has many requirements for web-based content, but Super Awesome’s KWS satisfies these requirements, including its adherence to COPPA standards and its ability to generate revenue from advertisements and other forms of advertising. The KWS provides a child-safe digital experience and enables businesses to comply with local laws. Its KWS platform is used for creating child-targeted educational services, games, mobile apps, and more.

Consumer advocates have repeatedly called for stricter enforcement actions against companies that do not comply with COPPA, and experts have sought to temper those polar opposites. Experts discussed new technologies that could be used to verify the age of users – such as contextual advertising, which avoids data privacy concerns associated with behavioral targeted advertising – and the need for new ways to verify an individual’s age – because children are notorious for lying about their ages. Meanwhile, stakeholders urged the FTC to invoke its authority under the COPPA to collect information about whether companies comply with the law.

Providing a platform for super awesome products

Providing a platform for super awesome products is a big opportunity for a startup with a global reach. Kids are a core demographic for Super Awesome, and they’re the company’s focus is on helping developers create the best experiences for them. For instance, their PopJam platform enables developers to build experiences for kids, where users can comment and like content. This makes the process of building an app a lot easier. Super Awesome also offers a Kids Web Services platform, which provides a parent portal and kid-safe authentication, to help content creators meet the new data privacy requirements imposed by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Additionally, the platform’s Kid Safe Filter protects children’s privacy by stripping trackers and cookies from digital advertisements.

Super Awesome is the brainchild of the former CEO of Upworthy and founder of Fortnite. The platform enables tens of millions of kid-safe social engagements each month. It provides basic tools for free and charges larger companies for more advanced features. With a recent acquisition by Epic Games, Super Awesome is on its way to generating profits and partnering with big brands like Disney, Samsung, and Apple. The company plans to grow by 100 percent this year and recently hired former Upworthy CRO Tim Weller as its chairman.

Impact of GDPR-K

While the GDPR is aimed at protecting personal data of European residents, it is unlikely to affect the people using super awesome products. The new legislation does place certain obligations on publishers, however. It makes it more difficult to market to children, and if you do, you risk being hit with hefty fines and damage to your reputation. Fortunately, there are some solutions to this problem, including the growth of the ‘kidtech’ sector. Kids’ digital budgets are growing at the highest rate in the world.


First and foremost, website owners must regain control of data collection and determine whether they are in compliance with GDPR-K. This might mean overhauling privacy policies, which may sound like a daunting task. However, data protection authorities recommend layered notices. This way, users can get information in plain language about their privacy and consent, and then be directed to a more detailed privacy policy. These measures will help ensure the safety of children while using super awesome products.

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