The most exciting title races right now

The end of the season is here! Some leagues have been decided for a long time already, but that can’t be said for every league. Nearly every league still has a lot of teams that play for some result, but if we’re looking at the title contenders only, there are only a few leagues that still are very tight. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to three exciting title races for you to follow.

1. Premier League

Maybe the most boring pick possible, but the Premier League still can go two ways. Football giants Liverpool and Manchester City have both been at their A-game for a very long time now, which has resulted in an amazing title race that has been going on the entire season. Now, with 7 games left for both, there’s only a 1-point difference, with City being the frontrunner. As they tied in their game versus each other, it’s Liverpool who’s waiting on a City-mistake. Will we see a mistake happen, or will Guardiola’s side go for back-to-back wins for the second time in their history?

2. Serie A

It might be weird to say, but Juventus’ recent dip in form might be the best thing that has happened to the Serie A in a long time. With 5/6 games to play, the differences between the top 3 are only 2 points. The teams still competing are AC Milan, Napoli and title holder Inter Milan. This truly could go all ways: although it’s Napoli that’s in third place, they are the team that has the easiest schedule left. We truly can’t decide on who’s the favorite to win the Serie A this year, as there are arguments that can be made for all. Only one way to find out: following the league closely!

3. Eredivisie

The Eredivisie knows two favorites for the title every year: Ajax and PSV. Although an occasional slip-up between the two does happen, it doesn’t happen often that it’s someone else winning the league. This year is no difference, as with 5 games left it’s Ajax in first and PSV in second. The gap between these two is 4 points, which might look like a done-deal for Ajax, however Ajax’ recent form is what makes this title race truly interesting. That PSV is having a better form shows, as they beat Ajax in the Dutch cup final. Whether we’ll see an Ajax slip-up, or we’ll see PSV lift the trophy for the first time since 2016 is truly unpredictable.

What do you think?

Do you agree with these clubs listed, or do you think we’ll see a massive upset in one of these leagues. Technically many others clubs could still win any of these titles, as these are only the favorites. If you feel like your prediction is for sure happening, you could try placing a bet on it in an online casino. Who knows: maybe Chelsea, Juventus or Feyenoord will be the team to create your new jackpot!

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