The low rating of the second season of ATAV

We all know that the reality shows are usually a kind of television programming which typically feature non actors in unscripted situations. It often involves to a competition or game element and follows the lives of individuals or group of people in various settings. These are usually produced in a variety of formats including documentary-style, game show, and talent competitions. It has become very popular in recent year without a doubt.

Argentina Land of Love and Vengeance is commonly known as ATAV is a well known reality show that got aired from 2019 to 2020. It was produced by Pol-ka Producciones and broadcasted on the Telefe network. The show usually tells the viewers the story of a group of characters who belongs to different social classes who become intertwined in a web of love, betrayal, and revenge. It was built around the love story of two young people Bruno and Lucía. If you are interested in Rating TV Argentina then we can help you with that. Today we are going to explain you why ATAV got the lowest rating in the second season:

Lack of interesting or relatable characters in the show:

According to the statistics if any reality show cast members are uninteresting it is usually difficult for the audience to stay engaged in that particular show. It’s subjective that in the season two of ATAV the viewers find the characters as different. So they have different opinions about the show. The two main characters in this reality show Bruno and Lucía have been seen portrayed as multi dimensional. Other main characters the villainous Torcuato and the cunning Victoria were also seen as compelling and intriguing. So it makes the viewers lacking in interest in the form of relatable characters in this season of the show.

Poor production values in the production work:

The second season of this particular show looks cheap and poorly produced. So it can be another turn off for viewers as our guess. This reality show suffered from poor production values as the show was highly known for its high production standards in its first season. The attention to detail in the second season was very poor. In fact the Argentina Land of Love and Vengeance was very notable for its first season production values.

Competition from other shows in the same time period:

The second season of this show came up against hard competition from other programs in the same time period. So it was difficult to attract and retain viewers. So it faced huge competition from other shows during its second season run. As we know the show was able to maintain its strong ratings throughout its first season run. It’s worth saying that this show aired in a highly competitive time slot without a question.

Time slot of ATAV:

We generally know that if any reality show is scheduled at a time when viewers are less likely to be watching television it will obviously struggle to gain its traction among the viewers. And this is the main factor that influenced its ratings without a doubt. As the timing schedule of this reality show we see that it was aired during prime time on the Telefe network which is one of the greatest and most watched networks in Argentina. So obviously we can assume that inappropriate time slot was the biggest issue here.


So if you have more questions about this reality show then you can visit Rating TV Argentina for further information. We will be waiting for you until you reach us. Thank you for staying with us. Have a great day.

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