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The insight into Remodeling of Kitchens in Gerogia

In Georgia, we specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling using our cabinet and granite countertop expertise. We are delighted to serve Duluth, Georgia; Lilburn, Georgia; Evans, Georgia; and neighboring areas with our high-end cabinetry and granite worktops. Remodeling your kitchen, bath, or the entire house is no problem for our crew. We’ll make your house seem impressive! It can be difficult to redesign a kitchen, but it can add value and functionality to your home. The earlier you start thinking about these ten things, the better chance you have of having a redesign that goes smoothly and quickly for kitchen remodelling.

Remodeling has its “oh no” moments, even for seasoned contractors and architects. Renovating a kitchen, the most expensive and challenging room in the average home, can be a minefield, to say the very least. When it comes to a kitchen makeover, several dangers may be avoided with careful planning.

Design the ideal kitchen island to maximize the available space.

An island isn’t always feasible in smaller kitchens incase you want to install cabins and countertops. Unless you have at least 36 inches of clearance around the perimeter, do not install a hood. A 42-inch clearance is preferable, while a 48-inch clearance is optimal. Keep an eye out for what you put on your kitchen island. It’s essential to remember that a code-compliant island must have two electrical outlets on each side.

Ensure that all electrical work is done to code.

However, in most regions, homeowners can perform their electrical work, but they are still subject to all applicable local and state laws and regulations. Do-it-yourself kitchen electrical code infractions include the following:

Forgetting to put a GFCI on the counter and failing to provide two separate 20-amp circuits for appliances, running lights off of the circuits, and not providing adequate outlets along the counter (no spot can be farther than 24 in. from a receptacle)

Be consistent with your schedule.

Don’t start tearing down your old kitchen too soon; there’s a lot to plan when upgrading a kitchen. Before you begin, make sure you have all of the necessary appliances, cabinetry, plumbing fittings, and other essentials on hand. If you’ve got everything ready, you can verify your measurements and installation specifications one last time before moving further. Organize the subcontractors in advance so that they can arrive on time. You’ll have to juggle schedules at the last minute, even with a meticulously planned remodel.

 Give careful consideration to the design.

To open up the kitchen to other areas, don’t think you can eliminate whatever wall you desire. There are load-bearing walls and non-load-bearing walls. Before you break out the sledgehammer and reciprocating saw, be sure you know which one belongs where. Don’t think that just because a wall is structural that you can’t demolish it. It’s also common for homeowners to assume that the sink, stove, and refrigerator must remain in the exact location. That was a blunder. Moving plumbing and venting can indeed be expensive, but it may be the best option in some cases.

Installing cabinets should be done with care.

Do not move the cooktop without considering the effect on the ventilation. Although it is not required by most construction regulations, most building professionals advocate installing a range hood with an exhaust duct to the outside. Duct runs should be as short and straight as feasible for maximum efficiency. Also, bear in mind where the exhaust duct will exit the home from the outside.


Assess the room’s current state before placing an order for cabinets or, even better, before they are installed. What about the floors? Does it appear that the walls are sagging in any way? A quick visual check will reveal if the corners are square. If any of these questions apply to you, stock up on shims and plan for when and where you’ll begin installing the cabinets. The surface of a countertop should be level.

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