The Importance Of BRCGS In The Food Industry

Consumers tend to anticipate that small manufacturers commit more food frauds or fail to abide by food safety standards and thereby causing more scandals. This is where food safety certification can help small, and mid-sized companies to enter the fiercely competitive market. Thanks to BRCGS certification that increases the brand reputation and recognition of the companies and assures superior product quality to the consumers. Furthermore, the certification also ensures the authorities that the manufacturing or production environment is safe and complies with legal rules and regulations.

What is BRCGS certification?

BRCGS certification is a globally recognized scheme that verifies products, ingredients, processes, and systems in the food supply chain industry meeting the accepted food safety standards. The food safety certification is based on the outcomes of thorough examinations, inspections, and audits. When an organization owns a BRCGS certification, it renders confidence and peace of mind to the customers that the products and processes of the particular organization have been strictly examined by internationally accredited bodies.

Areas BRCGS assures quality

There are three primary areas where BRCGS certifications ensure quality.

 1. The product

Having a certification indicates that the business has the potential to meet the global food safety standards and also abide by legal regulations and international standards.

 2. The process

Businesses with BRCGS certification ensure consistency in reliability and strength through the process and also come up with creativity. Processes in areas like quality of food, health and safety, and environment must be robust and compatible through production and supply chain management.

 3. The consumers

The increasing consumer awareness and the right to make choices have given rise to food safety certification programs across the world.

The need for BRCGS certification

The presence of BRCGS certification conveys to the marketplace and consumers, along with key stakeholders, and employees that a food sector organization successfully meets the standards and requirements of national and globally recognized best practices. A BRCGS certification proves to be a valuable asset to any business as it denotes excellent corporate responsibility and good business governance.

Presently, there is a heightened awareness among consumers about food safety standards and measures taken throughout the international food supply chain. Businesses in the food industry that becomes BRCGS certified gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The products, processes, and business as a whole of such a company or organization are accepted globally for meeting the food safety standards.

There are two primary reasons behind the need for BRCGS certification. The first one is for business. The certification acts as a verification scheme to implement the food safety management system. The second one is for the people/consumers so that they have the confidence that the food/food products of the organization they are seeking services follow the standards safety laws and regulations.

Establishments requiring BRCGS certification

Some of the establishments in the food industry requiring the BRCGS certification are mentioned below:

  • Bars, restaurants, and fast-food chains
  • Resorts and hotels
  • Food retailers
  • Food courts and food parks
  • Canteens
  • Groceries and supermarkets
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Food processing suppliers
  • Hospital dietary and nutrition facilities
  • School canteens
  • Convenience stores

Every business or establishment that serves food is recommended to be certified with food safety and quality standards.

Why is BRCGS essential?

The majority of the leading retailers, and global food organizers include only those suppliers certified to the BRCGS in their supply chain for food safety. BRCGS certification enables businesses the following:

  • Facilitating the elimination of waste products, product recall, and product redesign
  • Offers a tool for enhancing food safety performance
  • Monitors and evaluates the performance of food security
  • Assures commitment of quality, safety, and hygiene
  • Ensures legal protection under due diligence concerning cases of food safety events
  • Developing a management system to help businesses cater to safety and quality requirements and legal compliances
  • Create an efficient supply chain management so that there is an increase in the overall supply chain reliability

Food safety

Food-related companies and organizations must specify the quality, safety, hygiene, and environment within the business. BRCGS certification doesn’t apply to food products that don’t undergo processes within the direct control of the company. The BRCGS certification is the standard that is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative or GFSI. When an organization is in the food industry, it is the prime motive to render safe and hygienic food and maintain the health and welfare of the general public. Thus, having a BRCGS certification becomes a necessary aspect in the food industry.

Benefits of having a BRCGS certification

There are several benefits a company can enjoy with the BRCGS certification. Some of them include:

  • Increases the brand credibility and reputation of the business
  • Reinforces confidence among consumers that the food products are superior in quality and safe to consume
  • Promotes the best practice approaches necessary in the food industry
  • Offer protection to the entire food supply chain
  • The company gains an international market access
  • The products have a competitive advantage over other rivalries
  • Promotes business growth, and enhances efficiency
  • There is a reduction in the costs and expenses
  • Food safety is key which is assured, thereby reducing business risks
  • Improving the standards of the suppliers
  • Enhancing quality consistency in raw materials, packaging and eliminating the chances of product defects
  • Efficient legal compliance and catering to other regulatory requirements at low costs

The common motive of food and beverage standards across the globe is to safeguard and protect the safety and health of consumers.


The primary rule while venturing into the food industry is to attain a food safety certification. Establishing a food business is a challenging and tedious task. Apart from the money, skills, passion, and professionals, safety is one of the top-most concerns for a food business. BRCGS certification is essential as it assures the safety and quality of food items along with the applicable regulatory and statutory requirements. The importance of BRCGS certification is irreplaceable, and the reason behind food businesses investing money to acquire one. Apart from giving an edge over other competitors, it also ensures that the business cares about the safety, and health of its customers. It is the perfect example of setting a positive brand recognition.

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