The Flexible Storage Product That is the 4Runner Molle Panel

We’ve all been there – with a trunk that’s completely full of all of those essentials that build up over time and what happens? That’s right, when you really need that wrench or that first aid kit you’re looking for in a hurry, you can’t find it. It’s in this scenario that the 4Runner Molle panel comes into its own.

That’s because it’s a hugely robust and sturdy option that fits over the interior windows on either side at the back of your 4Runner. Let’s face it, this is an area that doesn’t usually get used and once installed, it allows you to get everything off the floor and neatly stored away, meaning that you always know where those important items are.

So, What Exactly Is a 4Runner Molle Panel?

Manufactured from a ten gauge steel plate that’s over an eighth of an inch thick, with a grid cut out of it using a Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) laser, it offers an almost infinite number of storage possibilities, meaning you can create the perfect location to store things, even if they’re as small as a screwdriver or as large as a flare box.

What makes this grid system so flexible is the amount of straps, fist clamps, nuts, bolts and cords that can be used in conjunction with them. So, if you’re a contractor who tends to use the same 4 or 5 different tools, you can get fist clamps that can hold them neatly in place on your 4Runner molle panel. There’s something for every purpose. Groovy, right?

It Makes Your 4Runner Safer to Drive

Without wanting to sound too dramatic, a molle panel can actually make your vehicle safer to drive – how? Well, if you were to have an accident with all of those tools and other items rolling around in the trunk and perhaps even on the back seat, they’re going to be thrown forwards dangerously during the collision.

They could hit anyone sitting in the car and cause further accidents to occur, so while we’re only talking about a storage solution here, it’s one that has very real safety benefits. Not to mention the damage to the interior of your 4Runner that you could prevent by having one or two installed.

An Affordable Way to Enhance Your 4Runner

All things said and done, a 4Runner molle panel might not be the sexiest after-market enhancement you can buy for your Toyota, however, the benefit it offers makes it perhaps the most cost-effective way to have a major impact. We’re talking about less than a couple of hundred bucks here, so it’s not going to break the bank, but what it will do is save you time and make your vehicle safer.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to your trunk and see everything in its place? Rather than going through that process of digging through everything time and time again to sometimes find what you’re looking for, this one product can take all that away, so it’s an addition that ticks all the right boxes for functionality and style.

Seriously, what’s not to love?

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