The First Burger King in India

Burger King is the famous fast food chain from Miami, United States, and is set to launch its first Indian outlet in the Capital’s Select Citywalk mall in Saket. It is more than two decades after McDonald’s opened its first outlet in the country, but the novelty factor of this new entrant has definitely attracted customers. As far as the menu is concerned, the company has kept the original Whopper on the menu. However, the restaurant has added a variety of new items to the menu.

Whopper’s variations

The first location of Burger King is set to open next month. The chain will have three variations of the Whopper, namely the Chicken Whopper, the Mutton Whopper, and the Veggie Whopper. In addition, it will offer a new entrée, the TenderGrill sandwich. The origin of the Whopper can be traced back to a 1990 article in Nation’s Restaurant News by Bill Carlino and Paul Berstein.


The Chicken Whopper in India is available as a non-vegetarian burger at all Burger King locations in India. In the US, the restaurant will also have a non-vegetarian menu, with five options. In India, the brand offers seven chicken and one mutton burger. While McDonald’s and KFC offer three vegetarian patty options, Burger King has only a single vegetarian option on their menu. While a chicken Whopper may be the most popular burger in America, there are other variations available for those who want a beef patty.

Beef-free Whopper

The Indian Chicken Whopper will be the first of three beef-free Whopper sandwiches to hit the Indian market. The brand is also expanding to include Mutton Whopper and Vegetable Whopper sandwiches. The company will not disclose the number of restaurants in the country, but it will definitely be worth it! The Whopper’s popularity is due to the religious practices of many Hindus, which makes it a more appealing choice for vegetarians.

The Chicken Whopper was first introduced in India during the expansion of Burger King in 2014. The company now offers the Whopper in three versions: beef Whopper, mutton Whopper, and vegetarian Whopper. These three types of Whopper are available at all the Burger King restaurants in the country. It is not clear how many locations the brand plans to introduce in the country. But it is good news for the Indian market. The fast food chain has expanded its menu in the past few years.

In Final:

While the Whopper has long been a staple of American fast food, Indian consumers can now find a chicken version of it in the country. The chicken variants are the same as the beef versions in the U.S. But the Indian version of the Chicken Whopper is more expensive than its beef-based counterpart. While the meat-free Chicken Whopper is a delicious burger, it is not considered a healthy meal.

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