The Different Types of Wire Insulation Material and Purposes

A wire or a set of wires all covered up with non-conductive material that makes up cable assembly is called insulated wires. Insulation of wires protects users as well as increases performance with safety. There are different types of wire insulation material for different purposes.

If you are in contact with poorly insulated wire while changing a light bulb or repairing a switchboard, you may get severely injured due to passing current or high voltage power leakage. Shocks and accidental fires are commonly caused by electrical short circuits that result from poorly insulated wires. In order to be saved from such disastrous hazards, make sure you use electrical wires insulated with high-quality types of wire insulation material. Also, you can prefer Flexible Conduits material that Improve appearance, Convenient,  Stable, Durable, Affordable, Versatile.

When considering the various insulation materials and their purposes, spray foam stands out as an exceptional choice for a multitude of applications due to its robust sealing capabilities and energy efficiency. For those residing in or near Houston and contemplating upgrading their insulation, exploring the Spray Foam Insulation in Houston by First Defense Insulation is a commendable step. Their seasoned expertise ensures that the chosen insulation material is meticulously applied, maximizing its effectiveness in creating a comfortable and energy-efficient environment within your space.

Why to Use Insulated Wires?

The answer is simple, any wire or cable designed with the purpose to carry an electric current needs to do its job safely. Insulated wires not only resist the passing current but also keep it on the right path. This explains why you should use insulated wires, but that is not it; there are multiple benefits of using insulated wires as well.

The Benefits Of Using Insulated Wires

Different types of wire insulation material have different benefits. First, good quality insulated wires resist electrical leakage and prevent you from any mishap. Insulation also restricts one wire’s current to stop mingling with other wires and cables, which can create an accident. 

Another significant benefit of insulated wires is that it reserves the material reliability of the wire by protecting it against environmental threats like water and heat. In simple words, the durability and effectiveness of the wire wholly depend on its insulation quality. Thus, among various types of wire insulation materials, you need to choose and pick the right one to ensure the stability and safe permanence of a wire while also getting long-term use out of it.

Critical Role of Wire- Insulated Material

Insulation material plays a crucial part in electrical cable insulation as well as wire insulation. If this material is sub-standard and lacks in protecting wires from electrical leakage or cannot prevent current from getting in contact with other conductors, you are sure to encounter misfortune anytime in the form of electric shock or electrical fire. 

According to 2012-1016 US statistics, Electrical failures or malfunctions were the second leading cause of home fires, while US Fire Administration concludes that electrical fires accounted for approximately 24,000 fires between 2014 and 2016. So, make sure to buy wires and cables made and manufactured by reputed companies.  

Furthermore, you can find different kinds of wire and cable insulation materials for different purposes in the market, but the three primary insulation materials are plastic, rubber, and fluoropolymer. Let’s have a peep into different types of wire insulation material to understand them better.

Different Types Of Wire-Insulated Materials And Their Features

The electrical wire insulation material broadly falls into two main categories.

  • Thermoplastic 
  • Thermoset

Let’s study the features of the commonly used thermoplastic insulations.

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): It is one of the best types of wire insulation material. PVC is easy to use in diverse applications; it is flame and moisture resistant and particularly safe for medical and food-related purposes as well as it lacks odor and taste.
  • PE (Polyethylene): An attractive option for cables requiring high-speed transmission.
  • ECTFE: Improves data transmission and reduces weight.
  • PVDF: Commonly used in a wide range of industries. It is flexible and thermally stable.
  • Nylon: Nylon is the most flexible type of wire insulation material and is used in softer insulation compounds.

Thermoset insulation Features

  • XLPE: Provides good resistance against heat deformation and crush.
  • CPE: Cost-effective and environmentally friendly. It is commonly used in power and control cables.
  • EPR: Used in temperatures ranging from -50°C to 160°C. ERP is water, acid, and alcohol resistant.

How To Choose Between Them?

As there are various types of wire insulation material, you must always select insulated wires whose material fulfills your purpose. For example, if you require wire and cables with a softer insulation compound, you should go for nylon, while PVDF is best for heavy-duty and industrial purposes. In short, you need to consider your purpose and check which type of wire insulation material works the best for it.

Summing Up

An insulated wire has multiple benefits, but only if it is the right type, high quality, and high temperature in the case of special insulated wires and cables. To invest in the right product, it is highly recommended that you do proper homework regarding different types of wire insulation material before you step outside to visit the market.

Not to forget, your homework must also include getting to know reliable companies such as Taifulong to purchase an insulated wire to ensure high performance and safe use. With its 20 years of manufacturing experience. Taifulong has been a leading name in the market, providing a variety of special wire and cable products, including PTFE wire, high voltage cable, and other wire products. Their cable products are widely used in many fields.

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