The Detailed Price Specifics about Custom T Shirt Order

There are several reasons why people make custom t shirt Singapore order. They want to personalize their shirt. They want to start a business and they have their own designs in mind. They want make sure that their design is unique and different from the others, but they need a professional service to help them achieve their purposes. Having a custom service does have its own benefits, but you also need to understand the details of the business. Not to mention that you need to consider the prices too.

Rolling Discounts Factor

Not all shirt manufacturers may implement this system, but it does exist, and it is beneficial for the customers like you. Some manufacturers can be pretty rigid and strict when it comes to pricing, but some provide lenient and flexible service. Customers are welcomed to enjoy the so-called rolling discounts, which will make the products affordable and accessible for the majority of the market. These (flexible) manufacturers cater to custom t shirt order and make sure to deliver the best service only, so all of the customers would leave feeling satisfied and happy.

About Inclusive Pricing

Different manufacturers have different policies and regulations. For the professional service, they try to simplify everything. Why make it tough and difficult when you can enjoy everything in an easier manner? These manufacturers have made the pricing factor as easy (and simple) as possible. There are no hidden add-ons or secret fees that is added to your expenses without you knowing it.

When it comes to pricing, it has been simplified to a piece mechanism. It’s straightforward. It’s simple. And it helps customers understand their own calculation. Some manufacturers may offer a very low price as the initial stage to attract customers. But then they may add up extra costs and fees here and there to gain huge profits on their side. That’s not going to happen when you choose the manufacturer with open mechanism. A price for each shirt will apply – no extra cost or whatsoever.

Price Calculation for Screen Printing

You need to remember that there are different factors that determine the cost of a printing. In screen printing, the price would be determined by these factors:

  • Type of fabric. It’s more about the material or fabric. Fabrics may look the same, but they are definitely different from one another. Some fabrics may be cheaper, but they are relatively thicker and not very comfortable when worn. Some, on the other hand, may be more expensive, but they are better in quality and they are super comfortable. Some manufacturers may use a certain type material for their production, while some may use different kinds of materials, depending on their clients’ preference and choices.
  • Numbers of shirts produced. In general, ordering more than a shirt will make it cheaper. Let’s say that ordering a custom t shirt will cost you around $5 per shirt, but when you order 2 shirts, you only need to pay $9 for the two of them. When you order 3 shirts, you pay $7.5 for the three of them. As you can see, the more shirts you order, the lower your overall expenses will be.
  • Numbers of colors. A shirt produced with only one color would be less expensive than a shirt using two or three or several different colors. It’s because of the dye. For instance, a white shirt may cost around $3, while a black shirt may cost $4. If you have to make a custom shirt using 2 to 3 different dyes, it may cost around $6 to $7 per shirt.
  • Size of the image. How big is the image? An image in a size of a fist would cost less than a full-size colored image. An image on the chest area only would cost less than two images on the front and the back. More images, more dyes are needed. The bigger the image is, the more money you need to spend.
  • The complexity of the work. The price to make 3 white shirts (that don’t need any color on it) would be different to the price of one shirt with 3 different dyes on the front, one shirt with 2 dyes on the front and one dye on the back, and one shirt with one dye on the sleeve, one dye on the back, and one dye on the front.

How to Start with the Production

There are different steps involved when you want to make custom t shirt order. In general, the process includes these steps

  • Choose the Product

What is it that you want? A sweater? A short-sleeve shirt? A long-sleeve shirt? A polo shirt? A man shirt, a female shirt, or a shirt for the toddlers or kids? There are different products for different categories. You need to decide which one you want to order.

  • Start the Designing Project

You have several options. You can choose the design provided by the manufacturer or you can come up with your own. If you choose the first one, you simply pick the one you like, place the order, and pay. But if you go with the latter one, then you need to contact the manufacturer and have a deep discussion.

Professional manufacturer won’t set the price before they can see the design. They usually have their own design studio and professional to help you with the design creation. You need to show your design to them or you work together with them to make your own design. Once everything is completed, then the discussion about the price can start. You can even set up a deadline.

  • Talk to the (Project) Specialist

Make sure that you talk to the project specialist about your order. Make confirmation about your order and also the deadline. You should be able to contact them through different channels.

  • Wait and See

After you are done placing your order and you have completed the payment, you simply wait and see. There is no need to worry as everything would be completed in a timely manner. Rest assured that your orders would be ready by the deadline. If you are lucky, even before that!

Final Words

Ordering a custom shirt isn’t easy or complicated. If you choose professional service, you can even expect more. Do your research when making the custom t shirts of your preference.

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