The Complete Guide to Purchasing Wholesale Solar Equipment

The established links in the solar business are well known. You’ve probably put a lot of effort into developing relationships with wholesale suppliers as industry professionals.

But do your supply chains actually provide the best possible support for your consumers and business? Have you discovered any gaps that negatively impact your interactions with your clients? Or have you identified sales-killing barriers with prospects?

Even if you’re confident in your supply chain management, you should probably do a self-evaluation. It may be possible to find costs and opportunities that you were unaware of by taking the time to study your procedures.

This manual provides advice to assist you in effectively managing your supply chain and selecting wholesale products.

What does buy in wholesale mean?

Briefly stated, when you purchase solar equipment from a wholesaler, you are buying reduced goods in wholesale for resale to solar clients at higher costs. Your discount will be greater the larger the order you put. 

You divide up the big inventory into tiny portions to resale for each solar job. The reduction you received ought to provide you room to add the markup you change your consumers.

Your margin, which is determined by the discrepancy between your markup and wholesale pricing, will fluctuate based on the scale of the system, supply and demand, the level of competition, taxes and tariffs, incentives, and the life cycle of the product. 

The amount of money you make from a sale is known as the margin, which is also known as gross profit. The hardware margin is included in the overall profit percentage for turnkey contractors and epcs.

Types of available wholesale solar equipment


Wholesale equipment is frequently related to modern technologies. The most recent models of panels, SMA Inverters, racks, and other components can be found in any reliable wholesaler’s catalogue. 

These products are covered by a warranty and are shipped directly from the manufacturer. 

For recently introduced models, there won’t be much of a pricing difference in the hardware. However, you might be able to cut back on other supply chain expenses like shipping. 

Working with a financial consultant who can improve your project proposal for funding opportunities may also help you raise your profit margin.


Overstock and surplus are two terms for new equipment still covered by warranties. 

These “leftovers” from manufacturing companies’ assembly lines are an excess of production that companies are eager to sell so that they can free up lines for fresh manufacturing. Similar to other businesses, surplus products are discounted for sale.


B-Grade solar modules are brand-new but have a few small cosmetic flaws. These flaws have no impact on the Solar Panels Wholesale performance or energy production. Most manufacturers offer warranties with their sales. 

B-Grade modules are more expensive, which makes it more difficult to find them on the open market. However, you could save a sizable sum of money if you get the chance to buy them.

Purchasing in wholesale: Reducing expenses and identifying opportunities

Purchasing Solar Cells and other solar equipment in wholesale and optimizing your supply chain operations have numerous advantages.

  • Increasingly people use solar power thanks to more affordable arrays. You likely entered this industry because you think solar is an accessible renewable energy source that is also reasonably priced, and you want to do your part to help make it so. Keep your eyes on that vision.
  • Fill the demands of your clients more quickly. Working with a portfolio of suppliers who can fulfil orders fast can, in the best-case scenario, allow you to reduce the length of your project schedules. In the worst instance, a delayed delivery of equipment can cause an order to be cancelled. According to SEIA, the client cancellation rate increases by 510% for every week that a residential project is delayed.
  • By requesting quotations from a variety of vendors, you may compete fairly with your main seller. Don’t only focus on the hardware’s price. Consider all the value-added services that come with your equipment when comparing quotes from different suppliers for the entire package. To bargain with your main vendor, use quotations.
  • Cost reductions increase your profit margin. Your profit margin grows over time when you are committed to getting rid of waste and irregularities in your supply chain. Everything in business is connected. A more efficient supply chain results in more content customers, which increases referrals and lowers the cost per client.

Considerations when purchasing wholesale solar equipment

Be cautious not to enter into any contracts or agreements hastily once you’re ready to buy wholesale. 

To locate the greatest partnerships and deals for your company, conduct research and consult with other professionals in the field. To reduce costs and raise your profit margins, adhere to these guidelines.

  1. Assess your needs and available resources

Do you generate enough revenue to warrant making wholesale purchases? Examine your sales history and contrast current sales with projected expansion. 

Calculate the appropriate order quantity that minimizes your holding expenses, storage costs, and order costs using the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) formula.

Do you use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and an accurate inventory management system? Reorders will be made when predetermined levels are reached, and this technology will guarantee that your stock remains orderly.

  1. Research

To find out more about wholesalers, product models, pricing, and procurement, there are many resources available. 

Trade exhibitions are helpful for networking with several providers and evaluating new equipment models.

  1. Engage in networking with the intention of creating lasting connections

Relationships are the foundation of the solar industry in so many ways, and there is a sincere desire to work together to increase solar adoption. 

Many pieces of industrial knowledge are not recorded anywhere. By going out and asking questions, you can learn it. 

Offer to assist colleagues in the sector with their objectives and difficulties to make a favorable impression.


Your business may save money by purchasing in wholesale. The use of wholesale purchasing in conjunction with effective supply chain management techniques can boost your profit margins. 

Most importantly, it contributes to lowering the cost of going solar, which quickens the development of solar energy on a global scale.

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