The Best Time Management Tools

With hundreds of time management tools available, how can we choose the best, more affordable, and most appropriate tool for our business?!

This is the question every business owner is probably asking himself. And we are here to help on answering this question.

Down here we have set some important criteria on which we based our analysis and came out with our choices for best time tracking and management software for any kind or size of business:

Judgment Criteria:

We have set the most important features to seek on your next time management software into 5 categories:

1. Time tracking features:

  • Intuitive Timesheets completion. (Easily enter and manage timesheets)
  • Project/ Task time tracking. (the ability to track various tasks and projects at the same time)
  •  Time rate management. (The ability to adjust rates based on assignments)

2. Client invoicing:

  • Create & Deliver Invoices automatically.
  • Online/ Electronic Payment. *(Avaza & TimeDoctor) Exclusive.
  • Revenue detection & ADP system Integration.

3. Mobile time tracking:

  • Remote & Mobile Time tracking available.

4. Administration:

  • Apps & third party software integrations.
  • Ease of maintenance and administration.
  • Built-in automatic reminder.
  • Compliancy Rules & regulations Administration.
  • Multi user/ client access granted.

5. Platform:

  • Create & manage timely Reports.
  • Programming interface (API) enabled.
  • Multi linguistic/ Currencies Applicable.
  • Optimal technical and data availability coverage.
  • Various platforms compatible. (PC, IOS, MAC, Android … etc.)
  • Offline data entry ready. *(Timecap & ClickTime) Exclusive.

Next we divided the most appealing software to our criteria into categories according to their level of compatibility with each point we used.

Note: This categorization is not a best/worst elimination contest. It is only based on features richness. Other important judgment sides related to each business self-evaluation such as business size and cost efficiency were not applied.

Most notable time management software: (The Star list.)

The 3 Star List: 

This list included those software who managed to cover all time tracking features criteria including full Mobile support for remote activity and data monitoring besides excellent software reliability.

Paymo: *** (Invoice and creation delivery/ project accounting and revenue recognition.)

An online time management software with various team management tools and chat building techniques. Yet the most recognizable feature for this software is the ability to estimate and create invoices like a breeze, beside the ability to integrate with AP systems to give adequate revenue reports. This software has a real focus on money processing through its high quality service. As businesses start using cloud accounting, there are many benefits that they will gain in return. This includes lower costs and less time spent on managing the files and software that comes with traditional accounting software.

Timsheets: ***

A great time management and tracking software with GPS tacking and a long list of employee’s management tools. Timesheets offers HR management tools and resources for increased productivity. Timesheets also offers a good range of payroll integrations such as ADP, Gusto, quickbooks …etc.

The 4 Star List:

Added to the previous covered up points, this list included those software who managed to cover nearly every single point of criteria concerning Platform and administration.

Harvest: ****

One of the simplest time tracking solutions available. It`s easy and user-friendly time interface starts with a timer on your favored browser whether it was PC, Mac, Android, or IOS. After then everything goes smoothly until you have full reports for every kind of action out there.It’s can also integrate with almost every kind of project management software available which makes it one of the most desired time tacking platforms. By visiting this site you can know time clock prices

Everhour: ****

A leading Time management software dedicated for teams. Everhour is a powerful and flexible solution with accurate team management and planning tools beside its strong list of various integrations which serves a wide range of marketing solutions including payroll and project management tools such as Basecamp, Trello, Asana and more. 

Clarizen: ****

A brilliant work& project management software most suited for enterprise scale of business; that`s due to its expensive pricing in comparison to other alternatives. Clarizen enjoys smart communication tools for work field and productivity enhancement. It may lack in agility though which is something to consider, otherwise, this software is a sure powerhouse to be reckoned.

Big Time: ****

An intelligent cloud-based time & billing software with great workflow abilities. BigTime connects time and expense tacking, project management, and invoicing with quickbooks for a seamless billing experience. It’s the time and expense tacking expert on the field.

Tsheets: ****

The brilliant over achiever is well known through the Time management media. Tsheets offers a robust platformwhich offers deep analysis, GPS tracking, and “Revolutionary Employee scheduling” capabilities. Tsheets is also the only time management tool embedded into Quickbooks, which is last but not least to say about this software.

The 5 Star List: 

This is the list for ultimate time tracking and management software who managed to cover all our points of criteria including client invoicing (except for the rare points which remained exclusive for certain names as mentioned.)

Timecamp: *****

Perhaps the most powerful software we have on our list today. Timecamp is truly capable of delivering much more than just simple billing and time management services. As a 5 stars list member, Timecamp offers an all-in-all Time management experience, with a full list of billing & invoicing features, project management, powerful admin tools, the ability to enter project or employee data offline,and a broad list of employee activity monitoring that hardly miss anything…. This is a software that sure gives you the pleasure of being in control.

TimeDoctor: *****

This is the software that does everything, yet it does it exceptionally well. Screenshots, time logs, and powerful reports. Time doctor holds a good grip on everything that’s going on in your company. The time management and tracking Oracle if we might say so. TimeDoctor has the ability to connect with Pioneer, PayPal, and TransferWise accounts as well so you can pay your employees from within the system. The options are limitless on this system which offers a complete time tracking and project management solution.

Replicon: *****

The time intelligence software. Replicon offers a sleek time tracking and billing experience actually. With its various products such as the Time Bill, Time Attend, Time Cost, Time Off, Cloud Clock, & Expense services it hardly leave any aspect uncovered. Replicon offers larger companies and enterprise level business a quality time service that’s so hard to pass on.

Avaza: *****

The best software for time tracking & project management on-the-go. With its suite of integrated services(Project Management & Collaboration, Resource scheduling, Time & Expense tracking , Quoting & Invoicing) that operate together in harmony, Avaza actually offers a great time management and teams administration experience, all based on the solid concept of providing a fully operational service that’s not limited by the type of platform you use. And that’s how Avaza will earns its title.

ClickTime: *****

The easy and affordable among giants Time and employee clock management solution. ClickTime offers incredible features like the printable, easy to access, powerful & real-time reports, easy approval system, and the offline data entry (which is a Timecamp key feature that ClickTime brilliantly shares.) ClickTime is a simple, affordable, & straight forward productivity tool with top notch features that focuses on employees’ effectiveness as a primary objective.

Only Remains to say these are not everything available on market, they only reflect to some of the most common features and points of criticizing that we could find. There were still some really honorable entrances out there; such as Hubstaff, Toggl, Deputy, or Wrike as an example. They all are well known and reach on features` tools and systems that only were lacking on a few points here or there that’s why they were not included. We couldn’t make a 2 star and 1 star list either (which would have held some of the best products aswell) `cause it would have been so long and tiring to follow, so we had to do with the finalists` lists shown up here.That will hopefully give you a clearer image to what you need and how you decide to choose your Time management software provider.

Next is a few simple Managing time tools and techniques which has proven pretty useful to follow in order to get a good grip over your daily, weekly, or monthly projects:

  1. The Pomodoro technique: A useful time technique based on maximizing focus bursts through the mixture of focused 25 minutes work sessions and 10 minutes break between for each session. The inventor used a tomato shaped timer as a symbol which is quite appealing actually.
  2. Priority setting: Bigger and most important tasks should take the lead and get done first. This helps ease the stress emotional feeling from having so much to do and nothing is done yet.
  3. Distraction avoiding: Distraction can come in various ways and from many different things either online or offline. If you know you have addiction to some time consuming habits it will help to use distraction blocking apps to help you regain focus.
  4. Early Planning: With lots of time planning tools available today such as Evernote or Trello and the like, it became much easier to set early plans for your goals or tasks and objectives. So make smart usage for such privilege.
  5. Break times: Taking breaks between work sessions is as vital as getting the job done actually. It helps the brain detoxicate and regain focus. Just as water is important to athletes regain their power and catch up their breath.

And that should be all for today, Hope you enjoyed the reading and see you on our next project.

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