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Once upon a time, music only meant those classic slow tunes playing on the gramophone in the late sixties. It is not very long that we are changing our musical taste in a very distinct way. Now we are all up for fusion, drama, pitch, and fun. The budding musicians are trying their level best to cope with the demand of the era and develop a stream to find music to soothe our minds and boost. Several musical websites will serve as the gateway of music. But, if we are talking about modern music and art, then nothing can beat Budo Kiba. For most people out there, Budo Kiba is a new name. But, the one who knows about the current music streams is a great fan of this website.

About Budo Kiba

Budo Kiba is an independent page that uploads unique and authentic music and collaboration art pieces on their page. Unlike YouTube or Instagram, currently, Budo Kiba does not have a platform of its own. So, they are operating from the free music streaming platform named BandCamp. BandCamp is a well-known name in the music streaming Industry. You can compare it with the SoundCloud, iTunes, or google play music application. Budo Kiba is a New York or Montreal based music label.

Why choose Budo Kiba?

The best thing about Budo Kiba is that they have a trial option for you so that you can stream the music or tune it before buying it. Also, the pricing is a lot cheaper than most of the exciting platforms nowadays. The customer care services and the play options are top of the class, if not better than others.

If you are confused about taking a subscription to a music platform, Budo Kiba can be a good option. Especially if you are looking for original albums, soothing, and unique music blends at one place, then nothing can be better than Budo Kiba at all.

You can get lifetime free streaming on the Band Camp app after following Budo Kiba. Besides, if you want to send the album as a gift to your loved ones, Budo Kiba also offers you the option.

Discography of Budo Kiba

Discography is a broad term to describe a singing career and the ins and outs of a team. Here in this portion, we will be discussing the songs of Budo Kiba. It will help you to decide to take the subscription. If not, you will know what to expect and how to find it on Budo Kiba’s page.

Budo Kiba Compilation 4

The collaborative album came out in 2019. It is a mix of deep house beats along with load and summer fun. The title song of this album is overcoat inheritance. Other than that, it has the beat made me Sunday, space people, slap that, Uno, Spicy Main Theme, Left on red, Headspace, and more.

Budo kiba Compilation 3

The album came out back in 2017. It was a mix of deep emotions and Love, and Warby pasta is its title song. Along with pasta, Love after, conquer it, doubt, two-hearted, glass, distance, thing six made the album one of the best original albums of 2017.


The album is the signature piece from Budo Kiba in a word. It has a beautiful mixture of tunes from matas and moon to take you on the journey of heaven. The album came out in 2016 and still is winning the hearts of millions. It includes songs like into the night, swag loop, Animas, Yukiko, and stankdwag.

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