The Best Free PDF Reader in 2022

With the ongoing pandemic, most workability is happening from home, and PDF documents are being used to keep the business afloat. If you are a reader keen on reading novels, PDF readers are used to making the process exciting. Most lawyers and entrepreneurs study and review cases and financial documents, which is impossible without a workable PDF reader.

The urge to annotate and comment during a study session is natural. Therefore, the article gives an overview of Wondershare PDF Reader and its pros and cons. So, let us start this write-up.

Part 1: Introduction to Wondershare PDF Reader

The need for PDF reading has enhanced as people prefer eBooks over physical books that are often costly. Students, lawyers, employers, professors have to read documents extensively. Hence, introduce you to Wondershare PDF Reader, which makes reading an absolute treat.

You can count on this software to be lightweight and doesn’t strain the device storage. The tool gives the essence of the hardcore book and allows you to annotate and comment actively. Wondershare PDF Reader is free, and it supports Windows operating system at the moment. If you are a lawyer, PDF Reader also allows you to use your signature and improve the document’s authenticity. To have the perfect reading experience, Wondershare PDF Reader is by your side.

Part 2: Usage of PDF Reading with Associated Problems

The article sheds light on the usage of PDF reading and the different forms to read the PDF files. The problems associated with PDF reading would also be the crux of the article. So, let us have a peek at the section briefly.

Common Usage

PDF reading is not a new thing of this era. The students review the literature to create solid grounds for the thesis, and professors are expected to grade reports and assignments. The legal documents and financial statements are also read by lawyers and entrepreneurs, which are usually PDF. The surveyors have to review forms for their research as well.

Ways of Reading

There are different ways to read PDF documents. Let us have a look at each of them!

  • Browser: Most people do not have any PDF reader, so they are fine with reading the text in the browser. The browser might be a workable way to access any file.
  • Windows Reader: Windows has a personal reader to open PDF, XPS, and TIFF files. You can take notes, print files, share files, and fill in forms.
  • PDF Reader from the Internet: The user can also download a PDF reader from the internet and use it to review them extensively.
  • PDF Conversion: Moreover, one can convert the PDF file format into MS Word or any other format to open and view it. It is a good way to view PDFs without downloading a PDF reader.

Problems Associated with PDF Reading

Some problems are linked with a PDF reading. These problems negatively impact the reading experience and ruin the mood. The concerns are listed below:

You can create your handwritten signature by simply accessing the signature feature and can customize the color, size, and opacity as per your desires. Alternatively you can use this free signature generator.

  • It is difficult to mark the content or make changes to it. It means that editing PDF documents while reading is a total mess.
  • Most PDF readers and editors are not mobile-friendly. Keeping chained to a laptop or a system just to read doesn’t feel like a smart idea.
  • It is not easy to annotate the content and add comments to it. Essentially, you cannot type in your thoughts and share them with others.
  • The users continue to read the PDF without any feel of scrolling a hardcore book. Moreover, the display feels static and boring and doesn’t make it worthwhile.

Part 3: Impeccable Features of Wondershare PDF Reader

Wondershare PDF Reader is a renowned software to make the reading experience fun and exciting. The section takes complete responsibility for highlighting some workable features of the tool. Let us have a detailed glance at each of them.

Interface Design

Wondershare PDF Reader has an interactive interface with perfectly designed icons that make navigation as effortless as it can get. The beginners can scroll from one function to another without getting lost. The main functions are on the top, which lubricates the process.

3D View Reading Experience

The software presents a 3D view reading experience, meaning that the page-turning process completely imitates the real book. The users can enjoy the benefits of an eBook while getting the touch of a hardcore book.

Text Annotation

While reading the report or an assignment, Wondershare PDF Reader allows the users to highlight the text, underline, or strikethrough it to enjoy the book in real terms. Regardless of the course work, student notes, or legal documents, you can play with the content effectively.

Adding Notes

Most team members and employees work on the same document connected through a server. This impeccable software gives them a chance to add notes, share their thoughts, insert comments, and make changes. Collaboration is flawless with PDF Reader. The process saves time and enhances productivity multifold.

Handwritten Signature

The signatures protect the document and enhance its credibility. Wondershare PDF Reader enables three different ways to create the signature in seconds. With that, you can draw, type, or upload the signature from your system. You can create your handwritten signature by simply accessing the signature feature and can customize the color, size, and opacity as per your desires.

Pencil and Shape

Using the markup tools is an efficient way to review the documents. Wondershare PDF Reader presents a pencil to annotate and shape tools to help send a message across. The reading experience is amplified with this PDF reader in the frame.

Inserting Textbox

The textboxes can be made on any document to share thoughts and raise some questions. Most importantly, the font style can also be altered in the textbox to give each document a different vibe and impression.

Screenshot Capture

Wondershare PDF Reader comes up with another interesting feature. If you find a paragraph or a page important, you can use the “Capture” feature from the “Tool” tab to take the screenshot and save it in your system. Furthermore, feel free to fix them on the screen to improve the reading experience.

Part 4: Benefits and Drawbacks of PDF Reader

Every software has some upsides and downsides. Wondershare PDF Reader has an extensive list of pros, but we have an overview of its cons as well. The section presents some merits and demerits of Wondershare PDF Reader.


  • One can count on Wondershare PDF Reader to ensure an impeccable reading experience. With that, the user cannot differentiate between a book and an eBook. It doesn’t lag or crashes during the process.
  • The software is lightweight and doesn’t put a strain on the system resources to download it.
  • There are rich annotation features that allow you to add comments. The markup tools help highlight or underline the text while making shapes and drawing with a pencil.
  • Wondershare PDF Reader is free to use, stating that you can access all rich functionalities without spending a penny.


  • The editing functions are not strong if you need to edit PDF documents as you read them.

Closing Words

The article reflected upon Wondershare PDF Reader how it has brought a revolution to the world. As we enter into a new century, we must have hands-on software that accelerates the reading process and is easily downloadable.

Wondershare PDF Reader is a perfect choice. Review the features in detail and make a conscious decision to make your evening reading ritual a treat!

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