The Best Essential Oils for Eyebrow Hair Care

Keeping your eyebrows stylish is no easy job. As a matter of fact, tending your eyebrows can be time-consuming. For most women, filling in their brows with makeup or pencil and keeping them in place with an eyebrow gel should always be done before stepping outside, simply because having thicker and neater eyebrows makes someone look more pleasant and healthy-looking. Unfortunately, some might not be blessed with thick eyebrows. As a result, they resort to various eyebrow hair serums and nonsurgical treatments like microblading and brow tinting. When it comes to beauty products like eyebrow tint, you should always go with reputed brands only.

However, various essential oils for skin care and aromatherapy are also effective in boosting eyebrow hair condition. Check out the top essential oils that every woman can enjoy using for her lovely eyebrows.

Eyebrow Care: The Must-Have Essential Oils for Your Lovely Brows

Here are some of the hair care oils that one can use to get those fuzzy and sleek set of eyebrows.

1. Castor Oil

This first essential oil on the list is probably the most popular substance for stimulating eyebrow hair growth. Castor oil, extracted from castor seeds, has been a prevalent ingredient for thickening sparse eyebrow hair and elongating eyelashes. However, castor oil itself does not directly stimulate eyebrow hair growth, but its fatty acids help strengthen the strands, thereby avoiding strand breakage. Its rich vitamin-E content also helps thwart free radicals from damaging your hair follicles. As a result, more hair strands grow, making your brows look thicker collectively.

2. Olive Oil

This kitchen staple is not only in demand for your favorite cuisines, but this oily substance has also been a favorite hair care ingredient. Olive oil is also packed with fatty acids, aiding in maintaining your eyebrow hair’s elasticity. Your brows’ hair follicles will also get sufficient vitamin E to provide enough protection and moisture, resulting in healthy hair growth. 

3. Rosemary Oil

If you’re looking for a natural ingredient to beat hair loss, you will need rosemary oil. This herbal substance can also provide benefits for hair growth, especially for your two lovely eyebrows. The extract from these rosemary leaves is potent with antioxidants well-known for protecting your hair against damaging radicals that can trigger hair shedding. Rosemary oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent irritations after threading or waxing your eyebrow hair.

4. Coconut Oil

Having dry eyebrow hair makes it difficult for women to tame and shape their brows. Hence, your eyebrows should feel soft and smooth for easier combing and application of eyebrow makeup. In this case, you will need coconut oil to become your brows’ instant best friend. It is the perfect ingredient for conditioning, smoothening and thickening hair, including those on your eyebrows. You can also use coconut oil to remove your eyebrow makeup easily without irritating your skin and tugging your eyebrow hair.

5. Argan Oil

Another prevalent anti-hair loss ingredient is argan oil, and it is safe for eyebrow hair care. Argan oil, extracted from the nuts of the argan tree, has vital nutrients that target hair growth. For instance, the antioxidants present in the argan oil can act as natural sun protectants. Your eyebrows, as part of your face, also often get exposed to the sun. Hence, you need argan oil to serve as your eyebrows’ natural sunscreen. Argan oil can also serve as an effective moisturizer, keeping those strands smooth, thick, and long.

Show Your Love and Care for your Eyebrow Hair. 

Your eyebrows should also be showered with extreme love and care. This pair of hair sitting atop your eyes does not only serve as facial features; they also protect your eyes against sweat, sunlight, and particles that can hurt your eyes and damage your vision. Therefore, apply some essential oils to get the healthiest and the prettiest eyebrows ever.

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