The Benefits of Headlights and Why You Need Them Checked Regularly

Headlights are one of the most important aspects of making a vehicle safer to drive. They can help in several things, such as improving vision for night traveling or avoiding accidents. We recommend you get powerful lights installed in your car for the best vision. Sometimes, it gets too difficult to understand what’s coming in front of you when you’re driving with low-power lights at night. Therefore, the importance of headlights can’t be neglected. Below, we’ve mentioned some benefits of headlights, check them out.

Benefits of headlights and keeping a check on them

Here are some benefits of headlights and advantages of keeping a check on them:

1) Light up the road

Headlights are more than just a show-off accessory; they help you see properly when you’re driving during the night. You may think they’re not as important when you drive on a heavily lit, heavily trafficked road, but when you’re driving through a quiet street or during midnight without many cars or lights in sight, headlights may just as well save you from accidents as they help you see the road more clearly.

2) Improves vision

Headlights can put an impressive effect on the vision or visibility of the driver. If a person has poor eyesight, driving a car at night can be a difficult thing to do for him, so having powerful lights installed in his car is a mandatory thing to avoid any inconvenience. Without proper visibility, not only will it be harder to recognize the path you’re driving on, but you may also end up hitting something unexpectedly which can either end up in trouble or worse, an accident.

3) Signal for others

Headlights can also be used as indicating signals for others. Since it’s dark during the night, any vehicle that’s coming from the opposite direction of your car can get into an accident with your car if its headlights aren’t working properly or aren’t switched on. And you can’t shrug this off by thinking the other person’s headlights will be switched on, either. Hence, it’s suggested to keep the headlights on while driving your car and if the lights aren’t working properly, never drive the car without getting them changed.

If you’re someone from Karachi, Pakistan, and have a Toyota vehicle, we suggest you get high-quality powerful headlights installed from any authorized Toyota dealer such as Toyota Creek Motors.

4) Saving money

Headlights also help you save money. Suppose if you’re driving at night without headlights, and you get into an accident, what would happen? You will damage your car and your body as well. Visiting hospitals, paying medical bills, getting your damaged car repaired by a professional will absolutely be more expensive than investing in headlights.

Maintenance of headlights

Now, as you know the benefits of headlights, you can imagine how important it would be to maintain these lights in order to remain safe and sound. Here, we’ll guide you about how you can maintain your car’s headlights.

1) Clean them

When it comes to maintenance, the first thing that comes to your mind is cleaning. For this purpose, you can remove the plastic cover from the headlights and clean them properly inside and outside by using any solution that’s made for this purpose. Also, after cleaning it with the solution, it’s good to re-clean them with any dry cloth to avoid dust sticking on its surface.

2) Replace the bulbs

If you feel that your car’s headlights aren’t as bright as they should be, we suggest you get them replaced at the time of their maintenance. With time, the light bulbs become dim and unable to provide proper brightness. So, it’s recommended to replace them with powerful bulbs that can provide you with the brightness you need when on the road.

3) Adjust them

Many times, when you get your car’s headlight bulbs replaced, the settings may return to the default and the lighting direction becomes inconvenient for you. To resolve this, it’s recommended to check them and adjust them in the correct direction.

Types of headlight bulbs

Now, let’s talk about the ‌headlight bulbs that are commonly available in the market and are used worldwide. Look at them below.

1) Halogen headlights

Halogen bulbs have a filament inside them to glow and are filled with halogen gases. The halogen gases inside the bulb increase the light produced by the filament and improve the visibility level at night. These bulbs are the most commonly used headlight bulbs as they’re very cheap but bright, durable, and efficient. Comparatively, they produce very less amount of lumens as compared to others. Usually, halogen bulbs are available in pairs in the market.

2) HID headlights

HID bulbs have electrodes through which they pass electricity, and the gases inside the bulbs help in dispersing the light. They’re more expensive than the halogen bulbs, but more bright and effective comparatively. The light color they produce is a sort of cool blue and looks very attractive. The amount of lumens they produce is higher than the halo lights.

3) LED headlights

LED headlight bulbs are more efficient and have good brightness compared to halogen and HID headlights. These bulbs work on the process known as electroluminescence, which includes passing electricity through a semiconductor to produce photons. Usually, LED bulbs last for up to 50000 hours. The color temperature produced by them is around 6000 K.

4) Laser headlights

Laser headlights are the most expensive type of lights and are only used in high-end cars. These bulbs have laser and phosphorus inside them. They react with each other to produce bright light. Laser headlights are very rarely used because of their high cost.

These headlight bulbs are installed in two main types of headlight housings, i.e.:

1) Reflector housing

2) Projector housing

Reflector housing is the most common type of headlight housing. It’s surrounded by mirrors, which help to reflect and disperse the light. They cost very little, but cannot properly concentrate the light beam on the road.

Projector housing uses a lens to increase the light generated by the bulb. This housing is slightly expensive as compared to the reflector housing but is safer, as it can reflect and concentrate the light better on the road.

These were the benefits of headlights and some additional information related to types of headlights and how to maintain them. We hope that you understood the importance of keeping a check on your car’s headlights.

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