The 7 Greatest Rappers Of All Time

This is a definitive list of the top rappers of all time, as rated by fans across the globe. From the old school to the most famous rappers of today, who are releasing the biggest hip hop hits of today, The list below is the best lyricists in rap and game changers throughout history. Famous hip hop artists of all towns, alive or dead, and from all races, including White and Black and Asian to Asian and Hispanic and Asian, are all competing to be the most renowned rapper of all time.

Who are these rap icons who are above the rest of the pack? Are you in agreement with the top 7 most influential rappers? Tell us your opinion. Vote for your top picks below, or make your list of the top performers of all time.

1. Lil Wayne

The commercial success of Lil Wayne is evident. Ask Elvis who Weezy overcame in the category of an artist who had the highest number of Billboard Hot 100 hits of the past in 2012. With that said, the dazzling album, mixtapes, and guest spots from 2004-2009 is the most prolific instance of hip-hop’s quality and quantity. Nobody has done so well on so many songs over such a long period.

2. Rick Ross

By 2010, Rick Ross, the rapper, was transformed into the complete Rick Ross, the drug kingpin-turned-mogul who was invincible from any criticism (or the truth). A full-on battle with 50 Cent, the reigning 50 Cent, was not enough to knock the rapper out or even slow him down. Instead, it seemed to have strengthened the rapper. When Ross shouts with a booming sound, “I think I’m Big Meech, Larry Hoover,” Ross is leaning toward that character without looking back. And it was a breathtaking spectacle to see.

3. MF Doom

Yes, he is wearing the Doctor Doom costume. Yes, his lyrics are usually hilarious. You’ll never find a rapper more sophisticated as MF Doom. There are a lot of video clips on YouTube trying to unravel his rhymes, and they do not all meet the mark. You’ll have to be careful while you listen. As Kool G Rap, MF Doom is well-liked by other, much more well-known rap artists, but he didn’t make it to the top. However, that hasn’t stopped him from being a massive success in the underground scene and even moving into voiceovers for cartoons.

4.Snoop Dogg

Rappers are notorious for their short-term memory. Before Pac and Big, before Em, as well as 50, and before Wayne and Drake, Snoop Dogg was the most famous and biggest rapper around the globe. Before the release of his debut album on the market in 1993, Snoop Dogg was considered one of the top rappers of his time as he stole every single performance for The Chronic, released the year before. When Doggystyle came out (just a few weeks following entering The Wu-Tang and Midnight Marauders, in fact), and Snoop made more than 800,000 copies in a single week, that was over. The tall kid of Long Beach was a certified superstar.

5. Kendrick Lamar

In contrast to the legendary 1980s stars, the best rappers of the 1990s, including Jay Z to Andre 3000, continued to be relevant throughout the decade that followed and the ones following. One reason is that, despite the changing sounds and styles of the genre and styles, rapping hasn’t changed much as a form of art since the time of the golden era. The techniques were mainly similar but on different beats. Until Kendrick Lamar came along. From quadruple and triple-time rhythms as well as his intricate adlibs and his multi-personality voice and adlibs, the Compton rapper is widely considered the most talented rap musician to emerge from the millennium, but his lyrics have not suffered. Section.80, Good Kid Madd City, To Pimp a Butterfly, and DAMN are four of the most vibrant and current songs, and the most recent one securing the rapper the Pulitzer Prize in 2018.

6. CeeLo Green

CeeLo Green is a songwriter and singer who has succeeded as the frontman of the group Gnarls Barkley and a solo artist. Due to prominent Cee Lo Green Net worth, He is considered as one of the richest rappers in the world. He also has been an instructor on ‘The Voice.’ CeeLo Green is part of the under-rated Atlanta rap group Goodie Mob and guested on numerous iconic OutKast tracks. He achieved more success as an individual artist and the lead singer of the duo Gnarls Barkley, which was a partnership with the producer Danger Mouse. Later, he was an instructor for several seasons on The Voice. His last album was released in 2015; however, since he’s released many new songs, generating speculation of a solo album within the next few months.

7. Eminem

If you are asking me questions, Eminem is getting worse as time goes by as the rapper has “evolved” from the rap genres of shock, sing-song, and rap and even trying to sound like contemporary Mumble Rappers. But if you’ve been able to listen to his discography, particularly his first work and freestyle, it’s clear… Eminem holds the top spot. Eminem has taken his skill to a whole new level. If he’s not concerned about popularity, his music is high-quality in terms of sophistication and vocabulary, rhyming words, and phrases you would never put together or even think of. His freestyle talents are endless until his actions appear impossible.

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