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The 5 best Tips on Choosing a perfect sofa for you

The purchase of a sofa is likely to be one of the most significant expenditures you make for your house. A living room sofa may be used for several activities such as lounging in front of the TV or reading a book. It can also be used to entertain family and friends and to watch television.

5 things to consider when buying a new sofa, from collecting measurements to choosing a reasonable frame.

Before you buy, try it out.

Whenever you’re in the market for a new mattress, don’t you perform the age-old “bottom test” before buying? It’s the same as a sofa. When it comes to sofas, the average one has a seat depth of at least 60cm, which allows for plenty of area for maneuvering if you have long legs, as well as the ability to hide them if you’re shorter. As a result, it’s essential to experiment with different designs of seats to make sure you’re getting a fair amount of back support for โซฟาเบด . Most plans have a seat height between 45cm and 50cm. Because there’s no right or wrong size, make sure you try it on before you buy to make sure it’s comfortable for everyone in the family.


Buy a sturdy frame that will last you for many years of relaxation. Consider a strong hardwood frame over a particleboard or metal frame. Before making a purchase, make sure to check the manufacturer’s guarantee, which should be at least 15 years.


Just as important, however, is what’s inside the sofa itself. Foam or fiber fillings may flatten out and lose their form over time. Is there a perfect solution to this problem? The Sofa.com crew recommends feathers and foam because they “provide the cushioning while the foam offers stability.” Feather-filled back cushions and foam- or fiber-filled seat cushions work well together.


A bright color or pattern isn’t the only way to go for upholstery, so make sure you choose wisely and that it fits in with your overall design concept. If the sofa is near a window, select a synthetic fabric instead of a natural one. Choosing a material that’s easy to clean is especially crucial if you have a dog or cat in the house. Because they can be removed and cleaned, loose covers are a good option in this instance.

Measuring Up

For example, Sarah Humphreys from DFS advises that it’s crucial to note the sofa’s breadth (measured across its back) and its depth (the measurement from the back of the couch to the front). As a result, she recommends paying close attention to the sofa’s seat depth if you’re selecting one for a smaller room. Remember to consider how high your couch is, especially if your room has radiators or shelving.

You may ensure that your sofa will fit in your room by cutting out the shape of your sofa before purchasing it.

Place it on the floor in the room. So you may make sure you have adequate area for shelves, radiators, and other furniture, as well as the opening of cupboards, doors, and windows.’

Tabletops are frequently observed and touched, so it’s essential to pay attention to the material’s appearance, feel, and performance. Taniya Nayak, a Boston-based interior designer and designer for Restaurant: Impossible, says, “It’s always fantastic when something comes assembled.” “Generally, the price is higher, but it can also be a sign of superior quality. Is there any assembly required? Most likely the quality won’t be as good.”


A dining room table’s dimensions should be taken into consideration when looking for one. If you want your table to fit correctly, you need to leave a 3-foot walkway around its circumference. A 3-foot strip along the room’s perimeter will determine the maximum table size.

As the last step, measure any doors and stairways the sofa will have to pass through during delivery. Your walls will thank you.

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