Tech Tools Every Liquor Store Should Have

Retail sector technology is quickly advancing, giving retailers all they need to run their businesses successfully. As technology advances, more retail operations are continually depending on it. This is why a liquor store should invest in solutions that can set them up for success. The ideal liquor store technology should include built-in age verification, loyalty, gift solutions, and payment processing options.

The technology you invest in should be efficiently and quickly integrated with other internal systems for smooth operation. It should also have a robust back-office solution for employee scheduling, vendor management, and inventory management. Here are tech tools every liquor store should have.

1.ID scanner

Liquor stores deal in regulated products, and the regulations are stricter on the age of the people allowed in the store. An ID scanner allows store owners to keep up with the law by confirming the potential client’s proof of identification and age. It also helps with the detection of fake IDs, adding an extra verification layer. With the help of ID scanners, liquor stores can capture the date and time of scanned IDs as due diligence proof in case a security issue arises.

2.POS system

The ideal POS system allows users to process orders and accept payments. It also keeps an account of your inventory to help you stay updated. You may also consider setting your POS system, so it automatically places orders for specific products when they’re running out of stock, optimizing your inventory levels. When selecting a POS solution for your liquor store, it’s essential to ensure that it can seamlessly work with the existing technology.

3.Online payment options

As retail space technology evolves, new payment options have emerged, and apart from cash, credit, or debit card options, customers can now pay for their liquor orders online using wearable technology, smart wallets, and other third-party payment options. Integrating various payment options with your POS system allows you to provide flexibility for your customers by allowing them to pay with their preferred choices. This not only boosts your liquor sales but also improves the customer experience.

4.Ecommerce and delivery apps

Thanks to eCommerce platforms and delivery apps, the liquor industry had gone through a revolution, especially during the pandemic when walk-ins were limited. Customers can now order and pay online, and with the delivery services, you can broaden your reach, maintain, and boost your sales. This improves convenience, increases productivity, and elevates the customer experience.

5.Loyalty and gift card solutions

Liquors and wines are ideal gifts to friends and family, especially during special occasions. Rewarding your customers with gift cards makes it easy for them to give to others. You can also gift your loyal clients through a coupon and loyalty program so they can redeem whenever they want. With the right POS system, you can integrate loyalty, coupon, and gift programs to build loyalty and lasting customer relationships for business success.

6.Social media

Liquor stores can create awareness and build online reputation and presence with social media while ensuring a wider reach. You can also feature programs and post promotions on your social media platforms to connect with existing clients.


Technology is rapidly revolutionizing the liquor industry, helping you remain competitive while meeting customer expectations. Consider using the above tech tools to streamline your liquor store operations. 

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