Take Responsibility and Get Yourself Screened for STD in Humble, Texas

In the absence of any detectable symptoms, diagnosing an STD can sometimes become very difficult. Anyone sexually active is therefore advised to get routine testing for sexually transmitted diseases so that early treatment can cure the disease altogether. 

For the quick and urgent need for diagnostics in Texas, you can contact Calvary Urgent Care lab in Humble. They provide easy and pain-free in-house laboratory testing. Their lab is CLIA certified and they test all forms of the sample, whether it is blood, urine, or throat swab. Their center also has a facility for performing radiological diagnostics like X-ray imaging. 

Why Is Early Detection the Key to Treating STDs?

With 20 million people adding to the count of STDs every year in the U.S.A., there is a high chance to contract these diseases if you are currently sexually active. Early treatment can only begin if you are diagnosed early as well. 

Some of the sexually transmitted diseases can remain dormant for years in our body before showing any symptoms. Therefore, a regular STD screen in Humble, Texas, is very crucial for the following reasons:

  • Early treatment initiation

  • Most bacterial STDs are completely treatable with a small course of antibiotics. 
  • If left untreated, these can cause a host of painful conditions. 
  • Viral STDs can be treated with medicines to keep the virus inactive in your body for life. 
  • Before these microbes start to weaken your body, initiating treatment is a better move than waiting for things to worsen. 
  • Prevent long-term complications

  • Some STDs can damage your genital organs and make you infertile for life. 
  • To ensure that you do not compromise on your fertility, timely detection, and treatment are very important. 
  • Some other STDs if not treated in the initial stages can weaken your body systems. 
  • Decreases the spread of the disease

  • If you are aware of your STD status, you can practice responsible sexual behavior to prevent the further spread of the disease. 
  • Helps you in avoiding uncertainty and live a more fearless life

  • Every sexually active person lives in a state of anxiety if they are not aware of their health status. 
  • Thus, getting routinely tested gives you more confidence and a better vision for your future. 

Some sexually transmitted diseases like HIV must be treated in the early stages before the seroconversion of the disease occurs in the body to AIDS. AIDS destroys your immune system and leaves you exposed to other opportunistic infections. Therefore, by knowing your HIV status, you can prevent this seroconversion from occurring with the help of medications and live a healthier life. 

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