Starting a new site? These are the plugins you have to include

You have started to create your WordPress website. Text and pictures are ready, as well as the theme of the site. The question is: which plugins are required?

Plugins are of considerable importance in work with WordPress. They bring important functions to your website, such as maps, contact forms, etc. All of the plugins are made to offer a lot of useful solutions for your website. The number of available plugins is enormous, and that is not at all a mitigating circumstance. Making a decision on which plugins we need to include on our website can be difficult.

Read the following and find out what plugins are a must-have. You can discover many advantageous features about five plugins that we recommend to include in your website.

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So much more than just a plugin, Elementor is one of the most popular website builders, and definitely the most popular WordPress site builder.
If you have your set on a winning WordPress site but either can’t or don’t want to code, You’re going to want to consider using Elementor.
With its intuitive drag and drop editor, 90+ widgets and hundreds of designer made templates, just about anyone can create the website they’ve always dreamed of.
Best of all, it offers an extensive free plan!

WP Reset

Clean, reset and restore your WordPress website in a few clicks with this plugin. WP Reset provides a lot of features for faster and better work with your WordPress environment.

Do you need to clean your site from content, widgets, themes, etc.? With the Cleaning Tool, you can do it with a single click. This WP Reset feature saves your time and removes junk.

When you want to start from zero, then you use the Nuclear Reset tool and clean your database and whole wp-uploads folder.

Don’t be afraid to make big changes to your website because the Snapshots tool makes a Snapshot before you click update, deactivate, or do some other changes to your website. That allows you to undo all previous changes if something goes wrong.

With the Plugins and Themes Collection feature, you can install and activate themes and plugins, in bulk, in a few minutes. The great thing is that you can create as many collections as you need.

Finally, the worst problem is when you can’t access your website because it is broken for some reason. The only thing you can see is a white screen and your worried face. But, the solution for this problem is Emergency Recovery Script. It’s a single file created in PHP that does not require any WP files to work. In effect, you don’t have to write code to recover your website. The tool helps to recover your website even if you can’t log in to the WP admin.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

You are in the process of creating your site. Some pages are complete, but the rest are in preparation. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode allows you to create coming soon pages with the appropriate theme for your business.

Probably a lot of people wonder why those pages are important? Well, you need to increase and excite your visitors, even if your website is still not finalized. It helps you to be more professional and original.

A drag and drop builder will help you to create a perfect design for your coming soon page. Do you want to add your custom HTML code for designing your page? No problem, the plugin allows that.

An SEO setup is one of the features that improve your site rank on Google. SEO is very important because it increases traffic to your website. This plugin has embedded checks, tests, and guidelines that ensure you get one of the first positions in Google searches.

CRM tools, such as Mailchimp, are supported by Coming Soon & Maintenace Mode. So, you can collect emails and build your email list. It’s an important marketing strategy that helps improve your business and increase sales.

Also, the under maintenance pages allow the site to be repaired or improved without losing visitors in the meantime. So, install the plugin end enjoy all the features for improving your website.

WP Sticky

Here is another plugin that we recommend installing. WP Sticky makes elements sticky and improves the user experience. You can get all this in a few clicks.

What is a sticky element? It is an element on your website that stays fixed even if you scroll. The most common fixed element is the header. The sticky header makes the navigation bar of your website more visible.

Besides the header, the plugin allows you to make any other element sticky, and the great thing is that you can do it with as many elements as needed. You can stick some widgets or some buttons on your page, and you will make them more noticeable.

All this is done without coding knowledge and in a few minutes. It’s very easy to use and works perfectly with any WordPress theme, page builder, or plugin.

WP Sticky works well on desktop as well as on mobile, so the responsive design is one more great feature that the plugin provides.

Use the plugin and play with the design of your website.

WP 301 Redirects

“404 Error. Page not found”. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Almost every one of us has experience with this. It wasn’t pleasant, and we would like to stop that from appearing on our website. Read about the WP 301 Redirects plugin and find out how.

If you change the URL of your website and somebody has already saved it as a bookmark, they will not be able to find your website. This plugin allows you to redirect your visitors to the new right page. There is no reason to lose traffic. The plugin works with all posts and pages on your WordPress site and crates redirections automatically.

SEO retaining is another great feature of this plugin. The main goal is to keep your position on Google, even if you have changed the URL of your website. Now, you can do it quickly and easily.

Don’t worry about the speed of your site because the plugin will not slow it down.

As you can see, the plugin is helpful and a favorite among developers and users. For developers, it’s useful because it saves their time and for users because they don’t have to feel disappointed with 404 errors.

Google Maps Widget

The information about the location of your company is important. Besides the street name and number, it is very useful when a map is embedded into your website. With the Google Maps Widget plugin, you get a map in a few clicks.

The map on your website can help your customers get directions on where your business is located. They can see the detailed directions on how to find you as well as nearby points of interest.

This plugin allows you to choose and create a perfect design for your maps. It is completely customizable, and you can set it up as you like it.

Do you want to have more than one map on your site? No problem. The plugin can do that too. Create any number of maps and pins you want.

We all know that most website users are on mobile phones. Creators of this plugin also thought of them. The maps are mobile responsive for all on-the-go customers.

You can add a map as a widget or shortcode.


Creating any website is a process that requires time and commitment. If you chose WordPress, you probably have the most confusion about plugins. We hope that this text was helpful and that you have found the features and advantages of the mentioned plugins that fit your business the best.

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